HP announced today that it’s launching an updated version of its Reverb G2 headset in the US that brings improvements to controller tracking, eye-relief, and AMD compatibility. Alongside the headset’s improvements, changes to the Mixed Reality Portal software in Windows 11 aim to streamline the experience for SteamVR users and improve performance.

When HP launched Reverb G2 late last year, it was a major upgrade to its predecessor. In our review we loved the headset’s improved image clarity, ergonomics, and audio, but weren’t so keen on the controller tracking coverage (which was improved but still not quite up to par), nor the lack of an eye-relief adjustment (which limited the headset’s field-of-view).

Photo by Road to VR

Now HP says it has updated Reverb G2 to directly address those concerns; unfortunately the new version is only available in the US for the time being (we reached out to ask if there are plans to expand availability).

Controller Tracking

For controller tracking, the company says it has adjusted the Reverb G2’s cameras to improve vertical coverage by 30%, specifically “resolving blind spots above and below the waist.” We don’t have many details on exactly what changed with the cameras (angle, field-of-view, etc), though the company did confirm that it was a hardware change rather than merely software.

Eye-relief & Field-of-view

As for eye-relief, the updated Reverb G2 will include a new facepad with a removable spacer. With the spacer attached, the eye-relief is set to 15mm (same as the original Reverb G2), but when removed the eye-relief is reduced to 9mm, which will help more users achieve their maximum field-of-view.

When I measured the field-of-view of the original Reverb G2, I found that the default eye-relief left a fair bit of field-of-view on the table for my particular face shape. I also measured the field-of-view with the facepad removed entirely to see how much I was missing; in the table below you can see that I could significantly increase the vertical and horizontal field-of-view if only I could get my eyes closer to the lenses.

Reverb G2 Field-of-View – Personal Measurements
(no glasses, measured with TestHMD 1.2)

Horizontal FOV Vertical FOV
Standard Eye-relief (15mm) 82° 78°
Absolute Minimum Eye-relief (facepad removed) 98° 88°

The difference between the 15mm default eye-relief and the new 9mm setting won’t be as pronounced as the above test with no facepad at all, but it will surely help.

AMD Compatibility

At launch original Reverb G2 had some spotty compatibility issues with AMD hardware. HP says the updated Reverb G2 includes a new cable for “increased compatibility with AMD systems, resolving connection issues.” There’s not a lot of detail at this time about exactly what has changed or which previously problematic AMD hardware has been addressed, but we’re in touch with HP with the hope of learning more.

The new cable will ship with the updated Reverb G2 and HP says it will also be available for purchase to be used with the original Reverb G2 for customers who had issues with AMD hardware (if you bought your G2 recently you might even be able to get one under warranty).

Windows 11 Improvements to Mixed Reality Portal

For users who are primarily using Reverb G2 (or other Windows VR headsets) as a SteamVR headset, the Mixed Reality Portal software can feel like a bulky burden standing between the headset and the SteamVR library.

Microsoft has shipped a range of improvements to Mixed Reality Portal with Windows 11 which aim to streamline the software, especially for SteamVR users.

For one, users can now essentially bypass the Mixed Reality Portal home environment and jump straight into Steam VR.

If you do want to use the Mixed Reality Portal home environment, there’s now a new space called Infinite Expanse which Microsoft says is designed to use less system resources in order to maximize performance when running other VR applications.

The updated Mixed Reality Portal software in Windows 11 also give users more control over when the software launches itself. Previously it liked to launch whenever the headset was connected or power-cycled. A new option allows you to change this behavior so that it only launches once the headset’s proximity sensor is triggered.

Updated Reverb G2 Availability

Image courtesy HP

HP says the new version of the headset will be sent out for any new purchases of the headset in the US, apparently starting today. The headset is conveniently discounted by $50 from the usual $600 MSRP. So far the company hasn’t said if it plans to sell the updated G2 outside of the US.

We’ve also reached out to HP to ask how users can tell the original G2 apart from the updated G2 so that they can be sure which version of the headset they’re getting. We’re awaiting more details on that front.

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Ben is the world's most senior professional analyst solely dedicated to the XR industry, having founded Road to VR in 2011—a year before the Oculus Kickstarter sparked a resurgence that led to the modern XR landscape. He has authored more than 3,000 articles chronicling the evolution of the XR industry over more than a decade. With that unique perspective, Ben has been consistently recognized as one of the most influential voices in XR, giving keynotes and joining panel and podcast discussions at key industry events. He is a self-described "journalist and analyst, not evangelist."
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    Only putting those WMR improvements in windows 11 is pretty BS. Windows 11 has a lot of issues, especially for VR, and the last thing I would do is change OSes when I’m running VR.

    For me the key issues with the G2 are that the WMR runtimes just aren’t good, it’s very tight on the face with no give, SteamVR has no special access and there’s no button on the headset so trying to use it with a gamepad can be a real pain, and the motion smoothing solution is pretty bad. One thing it does have is that you can control WMR with a mouse and keyboard and a gamepad, which SteamVR can’t do. But at the end of the day unless you’re a very by the numbers VR user who just plays a game and never messes with anything else, it’s kind of a pain because for all it’s little advantages WMR is simply dependent on SteamVR but can’t be seamless with it. You can use a desktop mirror with input while playing a game I think though, so there’s that. I wish this headset was SteamVR native, because I’m talking about using it with knuckles, the native controllers are just not good. Very low quality, especially the haptics, the thumbstick is very cheap, they feel very unwieldy sometimes and I honestly feel less immersion.

    • ViRGiN

      Ok valve boy

      • xyzs

        Did Gabe Newell sexually abuse you as a child to have so much hatred against Valve or against its customers?
        Because you troll everybody – all the time – mentioning Valve Valve Valve, and how horrible they are. Can you explain your grip at some point so you look less like an angry fool ?

        • ViRGiN

          Yes he did.

          Why are you ignoring THE FACT that Gabe Newell lured a teenager onto USA territory, with a fake job interview only to be captured by FBI upon arrival? All because someone admitted to hacking to Valve systems, with literally no evidence, that even no FBI could ever find? The boy was literally SAVED by German police, who captured him first, and after MONTHS of investigation, they found no wrong doing of his. Yet your big lord Gay Ben never apologized. In fact, he is the HERO of PC “gamers” today, completly conviently ignoring all his wrong doing in the past.

          I bet over the years you were one of these guys constantly saying “Zuck said they trust me, dumb fucks” or whatever bullshit said years ago, yet here you are completly ignoring the absolutetly disgusting behavior of fat CEO of the biggest gaming monopoly in history of existence.

          • Ben L Jacobs

            I’m not going to defend Valve.

            I own a Quest 2.

            It’s sad to see you believe MZ’s company isn’t a worse force for the world at large.

            Again, I’m not here to defend Valve. I’m condemning the narrow dichotomy you’ve plastered onto many more nuanced discussions.

            You troll people to no end because of their purchase decisions. I have as little respect for you as I do Newell and Zuckerberg.

          • ViRGiN

            I don’t see how FB is the bad guy here. They don’t limit anyone to get news outside of their wall page. People decided for themselves to visit one site only for all their needs.
            Exactly like people decided to buy games on Steam primarily, because “thats where all their games already are”.

            I obviously have a FB account, but I do not participate in any social media aspect of it. From my perspective, FB VR is literally the only company caring about what I care the most here – VR.

            Facebook is a giga corporation, Mark isn’t responsible for each and every thing. Has everyone forgot how much of a bad guy Bill Gates used to be, and decade later, he is the most “respectable” one?

          • Christian Schildwaechter

            Nobody said that Facebook is the bad guy here. You are the bad guy here due to your constant trolling that doesn’t add anything of value to the discussion besides projecting your fanboism onto others.

          • ViRGiN

            I love how having diferent opinion is trolling.
            You disagree with me Valve being bad, that means YOU’RE actually trolling!

            Other than that, I love that it sparked a multiple comments discussing the actual issue.

            Steam DID NOT save PC gaming, and in fact everyone HATED it on release. I bought HL2 on disc, and I had to be ALWAYS ON and MAKE A STEAM ACCOUNT to play a game that I own physically?

            Now it’s normalized, and everyone wants to have all games in one place.

          • Christian Schildwaechter

            I didn’t mention Valve, Steam, HL2 or anything. You are just claiming that I have a specific opinion about these things, so you can contradict a point I didn’t even make, instead of reacting to my criticism regarding your behavior.

            And that is not having an opinion. That is trolling to force your opinion onto others, even if they never touched the subject. You simply assume that the person you are talking to has a position that you disagree with, but never even bother to ask, instead you just start throwing punches.

            My critic was 100% about your behavior. Not about Valve, Steam, Facebook or even VR in general. You justify your wild assumptions and the following attack on others with some weird discussion that has only occurred in your head.

            You can of course have a different opinion, and as far as I can tell nobody has done much to stop you from declaring it. But if you want to claim that you are arguing with me, than you will actually have to respond to what I said, not something you pulled out of the air. My claim was that you are the bad guy here because you constantly respond with something that doesn’t reference what the person you responded to actually wrote, but instead accuse them of something and than throw your personal opinion at them as if it was in any way related.

            This is not engaging in the discussion, but deviating from the actual discussion and just using it to spread the message you wanted spread anyway. This is trolling.

          • ViRGiN

            My original comment responded to Ad, which is known as something like OXIOOXIO or something on Reddit. A quick glance at his profile would reveal that he is a soviet fetishist, and totally anti facebook, while shilling for indie craps on SteamVR. Your point is totally misinformed.

          • Christian Schildwaechter

            And again you have chosen to completely ignore what I said and instead of reacting to my criticism of your behavior, you chose to fingerpoint to someone else’s alleged opinion to justify yourself, basically avoiding the discussion. So I’m pretty sure my point is indeed well informed.

          • Carnel

            I swear every time this guy shows up he does nothing but shill for Oculus

          • Ben L Jacobs

            “I don’t see how FB is the bad guy here. They don’t limit anyone to get news outside of their wall page. People decided for themselves to visit one site only for all their needs.”

            I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but FB have the tendency to buy up any and all competing websites?

            “people decided to buy games on Steam primarily, because “thats where all their games already are”.”

            Did they? I have five different game launchers installed on my PC from a bunch of different companies.

            “I obviously have a FB account, but I do not participate in any social media aspect of it”

            That might be the case, but my question here is why does the wider make up of Valve bother you so much in such a case?

            “FB VR is literally the only company caring about what I care the most here – VR.”

            To be specific they care about the money they can potentially make from VR. They’re also far from the only company who care about such products. You’re literally commenting on a stroy about a competing device which utelises technology from three alternative companies.

            “Facebook is a giga corporation, Mark isn’t responsible for each and every thing”

            I can’t agree with the concept of an owner not being held responsible for the company they apparently run? I’ve no idea why you’d make that statement in the same paragraph you’re condemning BG (Who you obviously agree should be held to account).

            In any case, none of this is reason to react as though someone has done you a disservice by commenting on a device?

            The kid you mentioned seemed more forgiving of GN for questionabily harsher treatment than you are of random people because they have an opinion you disagree with.

            You’re free to defend whichever billionaire you like. I’d recommend you stop acting as though any slight against them is a dig at you though.

          • JakeDunnegan

            Bingo! I actually have two Quest 2s, a Rift and Rift S. Steam has issues (like I think they should come down on the commissions they charge devs – so I back Epic in that fight) though I also have almost 400 games on my primary Steam account.

            But Facebook – goodness gracious. Yes, I like their investment into VR, but it’s not like they’re doing it because they aren’t a “for profit” company that is out for the betterment of mankind and world peace!

            How anyone can try to defend that company is beyond me. Obviously, he is extremely naive.

          • kontis

            Valve got hacked and lured someone who caused them multimillion dolar damages. Not only they had no idea who that hacker was, they had full right to try to seek justice.

            In fact, he is the HERO of PC

            He literally, objectively saved PC gaming at least 2 times while being mocked by industry expert.
            First when he worked at Microsoft and ported Doom to Windows and proved the need for real time graphics API for games (that later became directx) and then by creating Steam when PC was dying due to mass piracy and every company was leaving PC industry (including Epic games – LOL) for consoles and. Now thanks to his effort we have Sony releasing many of their biggest exclusive titles like Uncharted 4 or God of War on PC.

            We are on VR website so it’s worth pointing out that THE ONLY reason Zuckerberg acquired Oculus was because he tried Valve’s VR room, which in 2014 was the most technologically advanced VR demo of all time (the msot expensive eof US army couldn’t compete iwth it),

          • JakeDunnegan

            Gonna just say that ol’ Gabe did not “save” PC gaming and it was never “literally dying”. Or figuratively dying. I’ve been PC gaming since before PC even had games (because a Commodore 64 was also considered a “personal computer” and the IMB PC was originally a business machine).

            And yes, there has always been a market for games, and no, PC gaming wasn’t dying due to piracy or any other reason. He created Steam because he wanted to get fabulously wealthy, not for some altruistic anti-piracy reasoning.

            And it worked, since “Supposed PC Gaming Saving Gabe” is worth an estimated over $4B right now.

          • ViRGiN

            It’s also worth mentioning that Valve was NEVER interested in bringing VR to the market. They ONLY did that, after learning that Palmer Luckey became a billionaire overnight. Hence a quick partnership with HP, and long long nothing for like 4 years until Index. 2016 The Lab, 2020 Alyx. That’s how much Valve cares about your lovely hobby.

            But ofcourse, FB is the bad guy for pouring billions into non existent market and technology. Valve didn’t have a product – they had a concept. And yet, FB made their own tracking solution – constellation. Valve tounted lighthouse tracking as so open, and being able to be implemented by anyone – yet it was only HTC for years, then irrelevant Pimax, then Index, and perhaps just now others are starting to use it, with products out of 99% consumers reach or interest.

          • Kevin White

            ^ homophobic and fatphobic too

          • shadow9d9

            Fatphobic is not a thing. 70% of western populations are overweight or obese. They are not some oppressed minority.

          • Kevin White

            Nothing is anything until somebody says it is, and then it is a thing. How can fatphobia not be “a thing” when there are whole books and college courses on it? A group doesn’t have to be in the minority to be oppressed. Just look at South Africa for proof of that.

          • Charles

            My favorite college courses on the subject are the medical ones. The ones where you learn how extremely unhealthy in every imaginable way obesity is.

          • Kevin White

            Those books are written by thinlitist oppressors with thin privilege who seek to consolidate power by marginalizing others. You may have heard about another group in history who did that — their leader had the initials AH.

            Attempting to justify fatphobia is proof of unjustifiable fatphobia.

            This is why we need strict control of information on the internet — because misinformation runs rampant. The truth is a person can be healthy — or unhealthy — at any size.

          • JakeDunnegan

            Perhaps. But you can still be scared of fat people!! I’m overweight, and I’m scared of ’em!

          • xyzs

            So you think somebody is pure evil because he was helping authorities to catch the hacker who screwed up the launch and reveal of HL2 and leaked additional private datas, putting his company at high financial risk ?
            If a hacker was exposing your work privacy and your credit cards info online, we all know that you would be understanding and very nice with the guy, you would not contact authorities because they could cause him troubles… you, the person who barks mean stuff against anyone, to fulfill your nasty insanity needs… You are way worse than those you condemn!

            And you think Valve is evil because they allow millions of customers to get their games with discounts too?
            You know, the people who buy 5kg of games licences for cheap, would probably never have bought them at all if full price, so studios can sell much more copies of not hot trendy games than what they would with fixed prices. If you pretend to be the game studios voice, having you defending the cause will only get them more troubles in any case, so you should just fade off.

          • ViRGiN

            Why are you so triggered?
            Learn about the case. One guy “admitted” to hacking, with no evidence to back it up, the guy asked for a job at Valve, had a fake interview, and was INVITED TO USA BY GABEN to conversate further, all while FBI was already waiting on the airport to catch him the moment he puts a foot on US soil. You call this “helping authorities” and not “bait”?
            Valve Gaben cultism is real.

      • Dawid

        OK hater

        • shadow9d9

          The only one with anger is you. I didn’t make the original comment. Pretending to be an oppressed minority is just sad. There is real oppression out there.

    • zandengoff

      The WMR improvements are coming to Windows 10 later in November. They mention Windows 11 in the release because the improvements are out now on that OS.

      • Ad

        Really? That’s fantastic to hear.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Not only that, but Windows 11 doesn’t run (officially) on many CPU’s from before 2018…

      • Ad


        • SurvivalJunkie

          Sadly you have to upgrade. Its their way to milk us for money, want the latest tech? upgrade this, this this and that..Oh and then this this this and that too.

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      • SurvivalJunkie

        Take your fake link and shove it up your bots backside. Nobody here is clicking your bait-and liking your own post, is just desperate.

  • Ryan McClelland

    Happy to hear this. This is a great headset for work since it comes from a trusted enterprise brand and doesn’t need lighthouses. Prefect for CAD design review, where controller tracking volume is less important.

    • Joe

      The only issue so far is that for everyone that bought it already cannot get the upgrade.

      • Jeff Messer

        FWIW, since replacing the original cable with the free replacement from HP, I’ve had zero of the original connectivity problems and it’s worked extremely well. The tracking isn’t spectacular but it works well enough in most cases, and the software improvements they’re mentioning will help a lot, too. It’s still one of the best PC VR headsets on the market IMO, especially at $500-$600 for everything when these other new headsets are in the $1k+ range.

  • ViRGiN

    Where is the coverage of HP community influencer, aka MRTV? Lmao, that guy shitted on quest and Facebook for months, yet 90% of content is all about it, cause guess what, nothing else is happening in vr scene outside it.

    • Kevin Brook

      He’s all about the Varjo Aero now.

      • ViRGiN

        Lmao truth. Just a matter of time until he applies to be Oculus Ambassador, but he will ultimately get denied. He was never invited to any Oculus events, even pre covid

    • dz11

      He shitted on Quest because the Quest is banned in his country over privacy concerns. It’s a case of sour grapes.

      • ViRGiN

        That’s the least of his issues. He still went out of his way and purchased one via Amazon France or something. Doesn’t change the fact that he constantly shit on Quest and Facebook, yet he and his wife are running Facebook accounts, with half the stuff set to public for everyone to see, yet this guy has “concerns” over privacy.

        He is so thirsty for content, that he even purchased FB RayBan glasses.

        If he stopped covering anything FB, he would have nothing to circlejerk about, except for game changing face gasket, VR covers, and whatever indie devs want to send him to hype it up, just like HP did. He “loves” everything VR, yet can’t really use it. He is trying to capitalize on it, he is not an enthusiast.

        He even had “MRTV Business” where he was “consulting” companies on what headset to choose… Like it takes years of exerpience haha.

    • zandengoff

      HP was a bit messy with this release. They waiting until units were out in the wild and then threw together this press release to explain it after the fact. Doubt that they reached out to any youtubers to get coverage for it.

  • Kevin Brook

    I have a Reverb G2 which I really like for seated stuff like Microsoft Flight Simulator. This news kind of upsets me for two reasons. Firstly, I’m in the UK so probably not available, although it’s questionable whether it would have been worth the upgrade anyway.

    Secondly, I was kind of hoping for a Reverb G3 next year with Micro OLED lenses, a visual beast to rival the Varjo Aero launched today.

    Them releasing this suggests they probably aren’t going to bring a G3 to market anytime soon, but hopefully I’m wrong.

    • ViRGiN

      Nothing will happen to pcvr scene, until there are real games for it, which is not anywhere soon.

      • JakeDunnegan

        Jealous, much? You mad, bruh, b/c Mark Z. is limiting how many games are on the Quest store? You have access to like 200 games. Total. And your response? “All the most popular games are on Quest 2!11!”

        You ever stopped to think that b/c the Quest 2, being the cheapest, is the most popular headset? So, that means, more people are getting onto the (free) Rec Room exactly because it’s one of the few decent games available there on the Quest 2? It also happens to be available elsewhere, so you have Q2 and Rift and Vive, etc all playing those games, so naturally, they rise to the top of the charts.

        But not everyone can access Asgard’s Wrath. Or Half-Life: Alyx. Or numerous other games the Quest 2 cannot access.

        Somehow, ViRGiN, you got your cause and effect exactly backwards.

        “Nothing will happen to pcvr scene, until there are real games for it, which is not anywhere soon.”

        Just because your Quest 2 (only) owning self can’t see all the other good games, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

        • ViRGiN

          Have you ever thought for a second, that non stop for several years the top 3 experiences on SteamVR are Rec Room, Beat Saber, and Pavlov, pretty much always in that order? Buying a gaming PC to play Rec Room? LMAO

          I can say you can’t play RE4, and that’s as valid and important as not being able to play Alyx, or whatever bullshit. Name 3 big games coming to PCVR in the next 12 months, I’ll wait.

          It’s double funny when you ignore a FACT, that even as a Q2 owner, I can still play PCVR. But you’ve got to be extremely defensive to get into position to claim that PCVR is not in a horrible state.

          Just because you’re having fun in the very same games that are always repeated – Alyx, Boneworks, some niche simulators, maybe Blade and Sorcery and Hot Dogs – that doesn’t make PCVR anymore alive. And there is NOTHING on the horizon. Stay within your circlejerk, your PCVR friends love patting each other on the back.

          • dustybushman

            But PCVR is where it’s at. What’s the point of accepting anything less?

          • ViRGiN

            Where it’s at?
            At the same dozen of games released within the last couple of years, with nothing half-promising on the horizon?

            You have all the raw power to run Cyberpunk in 4k ultra, you have a hardware that can render RTX lighting in real time and millions of polygons, blending dozen of textures for realistic landscapes.


          • dustybushman

            Lol I get what you are saying. Unless you get into the niche sandboxes or are a hardcore sim person then 2d gaming still has much more to offer. I never got into the top VR titles and stuck to stuff like VTOLVR and Asseto Corsa.

          • JakeDunnegan

            I highly doubt very many people buy a PC to play only VR games. Obviously one of the many amazing features of a PC is that you can do all sorts of stuff with it. Like, what I’m spending a lot of time doing right now is playing Farcry 6. Or, work from home, which I also do. Can’t do either of those on the Q2, now, eh?

            See how silly your statement is?

            In any case, lets hypothesize and say someone does buy an amazing PC rig just to play VR. More than likely, they’ll also drop over $1k and get the best VR available today – and that’s not made by Oculus. Oh, and I use my Q2 to PCVR all the time. Makes for a pretty fun experience being able to play ALL the content available, without any wires attached.

            Interesting note, however, they can still play those three games you apparently spend all your time on – AND a host of others. Fallout 4 and Skyrim for VR, the aforementioned Alyx, etc.

            And again, you’re missing the cause and effect. As if price has no impact on game purchase, nor the fact that Recroom has cross play AND is available on basically everything.

            You’re acting like, if you only go outside when it’s raining, then you figure it rains ALL the time.

            Nope, there’s a whole big ol’ world out there. And you’re missing it.

  • mellott124

    This is not nearly enough. The face pad is the bulk of the update and a lot of people have already printed or purchased their own. After that its controller coverage, but it’s still WMR controllers so… I do like this HMD. Even more after getting my Vive Pro 2, but these updates aren’t enough and clearly an Varjo reaction.

    • Ad

      The cameras also weren’t the issue with the tracking, it’s the software. Insight works much better when the controller is out of direct view of the cameras.

      • ViRGiN

        That’s why they exactly have not fixed anything, right?

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Clearly a Varjo reaction? Do you really think they already knew what varjo was going to release? it’s not like they could have fixed this in a couple of days, especially as the new units are already shipping..

  • rfanck

    Good ! I remember that in my country i was unable to preorder at a very interesting discount the G2 and how long it took to be finally able to order the g2 ! By the end of 2022 i shall be able to get my hands on that new version… I guess ?

  • grindathotte .

    I’m sure there must be many existing G2 owners out there who will want to know if they can just buy the new facepad.

    • benz145

      Checking with HP on this.

      • Joe

        Or if there is an upgrade for people who already bought the G2.
        I would love it if they sold the cameras separately for those of us who would like the increased tracking.

        • Shy Guy

          I doubt that’s possible since they probably had to change the body of the unit for the new camera angles.

    • benz145

      HP says they don’t have plans to sell the facepad separately as of now.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Well, I can order it already from a dutch website which will shop it starting from november the first. Shame they didn’t fix other stuff like better lenses..

  • VRFriend

    I cannot use the original gasket, because it is too much bent to the inside on sides. It pressed on my temples. I have very normal face, nothing specially different. HP should replace these gaskets free of charge for anyone who requests. The original gasket is a total misunderstanding. Too far from the lens and too narrow on sides. HP guys, do you read this?

    • XRC

      It’s caused by the headset being designed around narrower face – maximum IPD of 68mm is very low.

      Index is similar topping out at 70mm again with narrower face gasket. Valve didn’t provide a wide face gasket as the original cleverly masked the display edges (seen if using 3D printed wide gasket)

      • Pulstar44

        So true. I had to return my G2 because my ipd is 70mm and it just didn’t work for me.

        • XRC

          My ipd 63.5mm but index required 67mm due to canted display (wide face gasket and minimum eye relief) slight black border either side.

  • Well, at least they’re trying…

    • ViRGiN

      They shouldn’t be trying. Quoting nike, they should “just do it”.
      This is equally embarassing as Varjo revealing headsets to “influncers” with obvious flaw as warping on standard FOV.
      Giving them credit for trying is counterproductive, and just reeks of “the more the better, give them time” which is totally wrong.

  • ender pigcow

    I wish it had that improved tracking on the original model. I had to get rid of mine because it was just so bad, my Samsung Odyssey+ was way better. Oh well, hopefully it’s actually better for new buyers.

  • Greg Seliga

    Why there is a slice regarding V2 availability in other regions ? Also till today did not mention how to spot difference in V1 vs V2.

  • Maybe it’s good. But, it looks like bulky!