The new HP Reverb Windows VR headset was due to launch initially in “late April”, but eventually the company settled on a May 6th release date. The date has come and gone, but the headset still isn’t technically available despite being listed at several retailers. A week on and HP hasn’t offered an update on expected availability.

HP’s new Reverb headset boasts high resolution displays and a new design. Though it’s primarily aimed toward enterprise customers, HP is also planning to sell direct to consumers.

In fact the $600 HP Reverb Consumer Edition can already be seen listed on Amazon and Best Buy in the US, but both stores list ‘Out of Stock’. The $650 Reverb Professional Edition is also listed as ‘Out of Stock’ on HP’s store.

“We’re waiting on an update for expected availability to purchase and will let you know as we have a new date confirmed,” an HP spokesperson told Road to VR on May 6th; we’ve reached out in the interim but still haven’t received an update on availability of the headset.

HP Reverb Review – An Impressive Headset Stuck with Windows VR Controllers

In our review of the HP Reverb we found it to be a meaningful upgrade from the original HP headset, but the headset is held back from its true potential by an issue impacting display clarity and the same controllers flaws shared by other Windows VR headsets.

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    Tricks of the trade.


    What? Someone bought the prototype?

  • le Roc de l’Hexagone

    Can you sell your unit to me ? :)

  • Immersive_Computing

    Something a few reviewers have picked up on – the headset cable is very short – 3 metres?

    HP also confirmed it cannot be extended due to DP 1.3 and the headset’s bandwidth requirements. This makes it almost useless for roomscale VR?

    Guess its good for a seated workstation of using with backpack PC on the business edition

    • Charles

      Shorter than ideal, but still long enough for limited-distance room-scale VR.

      • Immersive_Computing

        It would limit you to standing use with very small movement unless your PC is facing backwards into your placespace and at floor height, even then it would not be great.

        Many Rift users extended their headsets using 6 foot HDMI and USB to get a good working length for roomscale use.


        • Charles

          Yeah, you’ll have to be careful about PC positioning. It’s 33% shorter (10 ft vs 15 ft). I had no issues at all with the Vive cable length, even without an extension. The 33% reduction will be limiting, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me.

          • Immersive_Computing

            On my Vive i didn’t need an extension, headset cable and breakout box worked great. Only used extension for this “roomscaleplus” setup in image below.

            Rift cable was a little shorter, and of course no breakout. My Lenovo Explorer needed extensions.


    • twattermaster

      According to official datasheet cable is 3.5m

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Not really a problem for roomscale VR, as HP is also selling it’s backpack PC especially for this..

      • Immersive_Computing

        It could well work with backpack PC. I’ve used backpack PC with Vive Pro and 4x Lighthouse 2.0, and Rift with Optitrack in warehouse. very interested to try WMR with backpack PC

        • Erilis

          I have the HP Z VR backpack, and a odyssey+ wmr. It works really well. In the opening window, I just don’t define boundaries, and I just run around limitless. Now I just patiently wait for the Reverb.

          • Immersive_Computing
          • Erilis

            Cool, I was considering that one, but I ended up with the only backpack pc that has a 1080ti, and I’m thankful for that now. This MSI only has a 1070, and wouldn’t have been enough for the reverb. It looks like my backpack pc was the last one to be developed. Here’s where it’s hanging in my wardrobe.[img][/img]

          • Erilis

            I also think I can see the that has such a huge potential. hefty price for just a front camera. I personally just want to see my keyboard as well as the virtual desktop, it would be a heavy price to pay just for that

      • care package

        Oh well that makes it all better than……lol

    • That’s the specification of the DP 1.3, it’s guaranteed to work with this kind of cable, but it might work for eg. if you add another 1m, it’s just not guaranteed and it also depends on quality of added extension cable. We will have to watch reviews, someone will test this for sure.

    • Jordy

      I don’t expect that to be a problem, 1-1.5m cable extension should work fine if you really need it.

      • Immersive_Computing

        HP already confirmed extensions won’t work due to bandwidth requirements

        • Jordy

          I expect them to be wrong in most of the cases… I mean it might work fine for a lot of people but it will not work for everybody.

  • Simple O’Rourke

    What a botched launch. If they can’t even get it out the door on time I’d hate to see what else is wrong.

    • Charles

      Hopefully the delay is because they’re fixing the Mura issue.

    • Rowdy123

      They probably figured … “well heck…relative to Pimax … we are a-ok”.

  • I tried to get more info as well, but HP is not answering anymore… they just say that “it is coming”. What a weird behaviour

  • Pablo
    • TwinFire

      Must be getting an Epic store timed exclusivity deal…

      • Jarilo


      • KUKWES


  • The Bard

    Smart people don’t buy such expensive and new things at day 0. They wait 3 months till all bugs are resolved. Same with Geforce 2080 RTX cards, smartphones with pink tint in camera, lcd etc. I will wait a few months, see what people complain about. First of all, I am expecting Samsung to drop a bombe and annihilate all these new VR headsets within 4-6 months.

    • I agree, and expect Samsung will launch some good odyssey upgrade , though 4-6 months plus waiting another 3 to await bugs is a long old time in the world of tech.

    • Erilis

      I have a feeling samsung is going to come up with something new and out of the blue and blow the competition away.

  • eckehard

    sollte da etwa ein Upgrade kommen ??

  • le Roc de l’Hexagone