A ‘Racket Sports Set’ designed to be compatible with HTC Vive’s Tracker, the modular positionally-tracked puck that you can use to track practically anything in VR, has just made an appearance on the Vive accessories site. The Tracker has only been available for anyone claiming to be a developer since early this year, but the new accessory listing could be an indication of its upcoming commercial launch.

Update (11/14/17): It’s been brought to our attention that Vive Tracker may be available through several European third-party retailers, although HTC doesn’t sell the Tracker on any of its European subsites themselves. We’ve reached out to HTC for clarification whether Trackers purchased through these third-parties can be considered commercial units, or developer units.

HTC started shipping more than 1,000 Vive Tracker dev kits to developers back in February 2017 in an effort to kick-start an ecosystem of handy accessories and VR game implementations for the Lighthouse-tracked accessory. At the time, the company maintained a Q2 2017 commercial launch for the tracker, although the only region where it can be purchased for consumer use is through the company’s Chinese site for 800 yuan (~$120).

At the time of this writing, the Tracker developer kit ($100) is currently out of stock.

Logitech Using Vive Tracker to Bring Your Keyboard and Hands Into VR for Efficient Typing

Now the company has listed a Tracker-compatible Racket Sport Set on its US site. There’s no price or even images currently available for the device, which will be sold with and without the Tracker, just a listing that leads to a 404.

Well be keeping an eye on the Tracker in the coming days, as it too is currently without an official price or release date.

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  • FullDrive

    I might get one to play table tennis games. Could be a huge improvement.

  • NooYawker

    $100 each is a bit steep. Maybe when more devs add support to their games.

    • Developers say that they do not support them because they are not widespread. Eggs and chicken typical problem.

      Oculus (Facebook) would have paid developers to include trackers, but this is HTC

  • Cdaked

    They need to sell a cheaper version, with 2.0 sensors and that does not need the extras to work as a controller, only the positioning, to create a cheaper product that people buy and use the developers.
    Do they work with Lighthouse 2.0, now?

  • Peter Laurent

    The trackers have been available on both the Aus and NZ regions of vive.com for months, which led me to believe it was out everywhere but apparently not… very weird. The racket sport set also showed up briefly but it’s down now

  • I nearly bought a Vive just for motion capture but the unavailability of motion trackers (I needed 4 of them) in the UK / EU put a stop to that. Every month it is the same. Out of stock.

    • I bought two of them on the Italian/EU website months ago, but I checked for availability practically every day. One day have appeared

      • They are now in stock on the uk store.