HTC’s second iteration of their SteamVR hardware, the Vive Pre, was unveiled last month at CES with a number of ergonomic and technical enhancements. Well it looks like developers worldwide are taking to twitter to rejoice the receipt of the last Vive, and here are some of the lucky developers who took to Twitter to celebrate.

See Also:  Hands-on: HTC Vive Pre Brings Notable Improvements to Visuals, Tracking, and Ergonomics
See Also: Hands-on: HTC Vive Pre Brings Notable Improvements to Visuals, Tracking, and Ergonomics

The new HTC Vive Pre brings with a lighter weight construction, better headset ergonomics, refined SteamVR controller design, quieter, smaller Lighthouse Base stations, improved display clarity courtesy of Mura correction and a front-facing camera for glimpsing reality.

The new Vive revision was announced to be shipping to developers already in receipt of the first HTC Vive developer editions, and it looks like they started to arrive last week. Here’s 7 developers who just got theirs.

11. AlterVerse



22. New Blood

33. Fishbowl VR

44. Magnopus

55. AAD Productions

66. Tomorrow Today Labs

77. MoonStrike VR

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  • care package

    I haven’t received mine yet :(

  • Badelhas

    As a consumer I am very eager to get my hands on one kit

  • Peter

    Could somebody please write down the dimensions & weight of the box it was shipped in? I’m going to have one fedexed to me on release to holland and I am curious what my shipping cost wil be. Thank you in advance.

    • Godfrey

      Unless you’re fairly well off, most likely, as the phrase goes, an arm and a leg.

      • Peter

        This might become a seated experience after all then lol

  • RockstarRepublic

    And still no word on the consumer iteration Its unfortunate that they are just doing another glorified devkit of sorts.

    • MountainK1ng

      That was announced a while ago. Preorders for the consumer version start on Feb. 29th.

      • RockstarRepublic

        It doesnt say anything about the actual consumer version, is it just the dev kit (pre) opened up for everyone or is there an actual consumer version?

        • MountainK1ng

          “HTC tells us that the company will reveal the pricing, shipping date, and final consumer design “close to” the preorder date.” So, should be pretty soon, a week and a half?