vive-tracker-featured-1HTC’s new Vive Tracker accessory was announced today, and while the company says it will launch to consumers in Q2 2017, ahead of that release HTC plans to give away at least 1,000 to VR developers.

At CES 2017 today, HTC announced their new Vive Tracker accessory, a standalone tracking device which is made to attach to real-world objects and third-party accessories. The company showed the Tracker in use with a wide range of third-party accessories.

Vive Tracker Enables a Bevy of Bats, Guns, Gloves, and Other Tracked Accessories

While one use-case is direct to consumer, HTC is also expecting the developer community to be a major part of the Tracker’s ecosystem, enabling companies to make trackable accessories without the need for more complex total integration with SteamVR tracking technology.

Like the ‘Vive Pre’—of which thousands were given away ahead of the Vive’s consumer launch—HTC said they’d give away at least 1,000 Vive Tracker units to developers ahead of the device’s Q2 consumer launch. Details on how developers can secure one will be made available at a later date, though it sounds like it will be an application-based process.

Pricing on the HTC Vive Tracker hasn’t yet been announced, though we suspect it will be around $100, putting it in line with the cost of the Vive controller which has similar components.

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  • Max Cheung

    well…the lighthouse tracking is way future proof than i expected

    • Matt R

      This is exactly why I prefer it. (I own Rift and Touch too just for full disclosure) It is far more future proof and flexible. I can’t see the constellation system adding lots of trackers and peripherals and being able to keep up. With the new Audio strap too. The modular design is starting to make a lot of sense.

      • xebat

        Unfortunately the Rift itseld and the Touch controller themselves are far to superior and comfortable for me right now, so i sold my VIVE.
        I will probably get back into the Lighthouse system when they release the new version with just one rotor.

  • David Herrington

    People were asking if these tracking pucks were only for dev’s but this proves to me without a doubt that if they are being given away to dev’s for free, that HTC intends to make their money through consumers. Meaning HTC expect every Vive owner to own one (or two) eventually.

    • MainFragger

      good luck with THAT! The Vive is many ways a great device. But there are also so many ways in which they dropped the ball. As far as I am concerned, this is something that should have came with and been a part of the Vive from day one.