Schell Games, the studio behind I Expect You To Die (2016), today announced the critically-acclaimed VR spy game has generated over $2 million in revenue on the Oculus Quest platform alone.

This, the studio says, was earned through sales of nearly 100,000 copies on Quest, making it one of the 10+ VR games to break the $2 million revenue mark on the platform, joining games such as Pistol Whip and Moss.

I Expect You To Die takes players through Bond-style missions, all of which include the danger of immediate death when its puzzling contraptions kill you in fun and interesting ways. It’s a fun, well-built game, although that’s not the only reason for its on-going success.

Since its initial launch on PSVR and Rift in 2016, and later support for other SteamVR headsets and Quest, the game has benefited from a number of free updates that have added new missions and a subsequent continuation the story of your ongoing infiltration into the various lairs of the evil Dr. Zor. It was also one of the first to celebrate success as an early VR entrant, earning in 2018 over $3 million in revenue across all platforms.

“We are thrilled to have hit this milestone with I Expect You To Die, especially when in the company of other great games like Moss and Pistol Whip,” said Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games. “These numbers indicate we are right on the cusp of the Oculus Quest becoming the most popular VR system, and in fact, becoming a mass market phenomenon. I think the Quest will set the standard for consumer VR.”

I Expect You To Die is available on Steam (Vive, Rift, Index), Viveport (Vive, Rift, Index), the Oculus Store (RiftQuest), and the PlayStation Store (PSVR).

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  • Great game! Glad to see it doing so well. That reminds me I need to play more of their other game “Until You Fall”

    • Mateusz Pawluczuk

      Yes “Until You Fall” also deserves success. They’re planning to release it on Quest, hopefully it will do well.

  • blue5peed

    I was looking forward to seeing developers share there VR successes at GDC this year and spread the word but it was canceled hopeful word gets around that it is possible to sell good VR games. That excuse that VR is too niche is just that, an excuse.

  • Completely deserved. I remember trying the demo on the Oculus DK2 and already liking it. This is a great game.