Dreams (2020), the VR-compatible game-maker tool suite, has unleashed a ton of creativity since it launched on PS4 earlier this year. You may be (very wisely) planning on skipping the trip to Disneyland this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a head-first dive into the classic Indiana Jones ride with the help of Dreams PSVR mode.

Created by TheArmyofDos, the VR project presents an uncanny recreation of the real thing, which you’ll find at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and a nearly identical version in the park’s Chiba, Japan location.

It even appears to have authentic sound effects. Check out the whole experience in the video below:

In case you’ve never been Disneyland in Anaheim between 1995 and now, take a look below to see just how close TheArmyofDos manages to get the VR version of the ride.

Dreams for PSVR keeps on impressing. You can play a hacked together version of Beat Saber, experience a bootleg Friday Nights at Freddy’s, and explore a ton of original art, experiences, and prototype games.

One of the best ways to keep an eye on Dreams content is by heading to the Media Molecule subsite and filtering for ‘VR only’, ‘VR compatible’ and ‘Recommended’ to see some of the top VR content the community has to offer.

What’s your favorite VR-compatible experience on Dreams? Let us know in the comments below!

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