OrbusVR, the indie VR MMORPG, is now on Oculus Home, allowing for crossplay between it and the Steam version which launched last month.

The Steam version of OrbusVR has had support for both Vive and Rift when it started out in Early Access in December, but now Rift users looking to keep their games all in one place can get in on the quest-driven MMO too.

The result of a successful Kickstarter back in March 2017 which garnered $34,000, OrbusVR is shaping up to be one of the first ‘native VR’ MMORPGs to combine traditional sword and sorcery elements like quests and dungeons in a cooperative, social VR space.

Like most MMOs, you’ll need to team up with others to take down World Bosses and clear out the game’s many dungeons (hence the social VR aspect). Presenting an open world environment, OrbusVR promises “dozens of hours of quests following an intriguing story.”

Although admittedly less than ‘massive’ at the moment—Steam Spy reported a couple hundred hourly concurrent users before the its launch on Oculus Home—the game’s first content expansion is due soon, which will include a new World Boss and an end-game dungeon called the ‘Tradu Mines’. According to the lead developer Riley Dutton, the Tradu Mines “have been tuned so that they can be accomplished by a group of Level 20 characters with Rare-level gear.”

OrbusVR is now available in Early Access for $40 on Steam (Vive, Rift) and Oculus Home (Rift).

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  • Xron

    Great news, I hope this game will show that Vr mmo’s are the way to go!
    P.s Hope that Sony playstation will change their wand controllers and more devs like this will be able to make cross platforms and that would mean more players and more fun for every1!.

    • David Herrington

      Good luck getting Sony to go cross platform. Sony purposely will take out cross-play support even if the game already has it built in. See Fortnite Battle Royal as an example.

  • Riley Prescott

    Having played this game, I can say that it is amazing. Probably THE best VR game I have played. At one point in the story you even get knighted and I actually went down on my knee hand over heart as a inspirational cut scene plays and you rise a knight!
    They really did a good job with the whole concept of a VR MMO and even if this MMO doesn’t stick around it is going to help shape all the VR MMO’s to come. I HIGHLY recommend that you check this game out. The Devs are really trying to make a great game driven by the community and the game play is social and makes you feel like a bad-ass. :)

  • sfmike

    Have been playing and it’s a lot of fun with so many friendly players it’s like the good old days of computer gaming. I’m hoping these guys great success as this is obviously a project of love and not just a money grab.

    • Dave Graham

      Sorry but at $40 I could argue the opposite. I can’t see there’s enough there yet to warrant that kind of money.

      • Suitch

        Forty dollars is pretty typical for a full-scale VR game.

        • Dave Graham

          I’ve read the reviews, if they are to be believed, it’s not anywhere near full scale yet. I want to try it, don’t get me wrong but I’m not paying FULL price for a game STILL IN EARLY ACCESS. Full price == Full game

      • Marcella

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      • Nick Gialias

        Have you actually played the game? What level are you? Have you tried end-game play? I’ve probably played this more than any other game I have for VR, so $40 is worth it to me.

  • RJH

    I agree that $40 is a bit steep at the moment. Halve the price (or put on a sale) and they will get many more people taking the plunge and hopefully making a bigger impact on an relatively small VR community.