kyle-russellKyle Russell is on the deal & research team for venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (aka A16z) where he’s focusing on investing in technologies ranging from virtual & augmented reality, artificial intelligence, drones, and other exponential technologies like quantum computing. A16z has invested in a number of prominent VR companies including Oculus, Magic Leap, WithinBigScreen as well as Lytro, & Improbable.


I had a chance to catch up with Russell about how these exponential technologies are combining together in order to solve real problems. Russell used to write for TechCrunch, and so in order to keep up with the latest tech trends he’s become a power user of Twitter lists, subreddits like /r/MachineLearning, and an AI-research aggregator called the Arxiv Sanity Preserver. He also is tracking many different possible futures when it comes to emerging business models based upon the decentralized blockchain, self-sovereign identity initiatives such as the Decentralized Identity Foundation, as well as thoughts on the growing wealth disparity and blending of cooperative and competitive economic approaches.

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  • Lucidfeuer

    A16z have pretty interesting approaches, a little too versed into positive “reprophetising” of prospective scenarios for PR-sakes, which doesn’t works (or fail) anymore.

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