At Connect 2022 today, Camouflaj and Meta announced they’re bringing Marvel’s Iron Man VR out of PSVR exclusivity and releasing it on Meta Quest 2 next month.

Developed by Camouflaj and Endeavor One, Iron Man VR is officially coming to Quest 2 on November 3rd.

When it launched on PSVR in July 2020, we gave Iron Man VR a rating of ‘Great’ in our full review, later awarding it with the PSVR Game of the Year in 2020 thanks to its unique mechanics, strong storytelling, and a full course of fun and engaging content.

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It really is the best superhero game in VR right now, and it will probably be for some time yet to come with the releasee on Quest 2 (re: not the original Quest). There, it’s set to be even more immersive thanks to the cable-free, full 360 freedom of the device.

Notably, it was announced today that Camouflag was just acquired by Meta and is now joining Oculus Studios alongside other VR veterans Twisted Pixel (Wilson’s Heart, Path of the Warrior) and Armature Studio (Resident Evil 4 VR port for Quest 2).

Check out the trailer below:

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  • Holger Fischer

    Yay, from one exclusivity to another. VR players rejoice.

    • ViRGiN

      You’ve got yourself to blame. You have 20 years long history of purchases exclusively on Steam given seveal storefronts option.

      • Holger Fischer

        You’re right. I am to blame for wanting the best fidelity, best audio and best tracking in one package for my VR experience.Should’ve gone with the mediocre meanstream and tune in to VR dying soon because beat sabre just don’nt cut it.

        • ViRGiN

          You never blinked once when alyx is a steam exclusive.

          • Holger Fischer

            And I have no issues with PS exclusives either. But while steam is open to all VR headsets, the meta quest store is not. So it is kind of unfair that Quest users can leech of the steam store while PC VR players do not get the meta quest games, isn’t it. But life isn’t fair, I guess. Now back to crying in my pillow.

          • ViRGiN

            While steam is open to “all vr headsets”, it also gets virtually “all” PC software sales. nobody is using anything else. if you have the same game on steam and battlenet – people will always choose steam. 20 years on the market does this to people.
            that does not change the fact that VR has to grow, and storefronts needs to make money, and games should be published on as many stores as possible. but valve will never do that. they want to trap everyone in that never ending “i already have most of my games on steam, why should i purchase elsewhere?”. that’s a monopoly. that’s a hegemony. and they are doing NOTHING but hoarding worlds wealth. while participacting exactly ZERO to VR as a whole. they are essentially MEGAUPLOAD file hosting service for games that you pay to have temporary license for.

          • om

            “they are essentially MEGAUPLOAD file hosting service for games that you pay to have temporary license for.”

            You mean like ALL of the different storefronts and launchers? Or does Epic, Meta and others give you more than a ‘temporary license’?

            I have about 5 different launchers installed where I buy my games. I don’t just default to Steam. I agree with Holger that exclusivity kind of sucks when it comes to hardware.

            But, yes, let’s all blame the users and the big, bad, evil Valve corporation.

          • ViRGiN

            Oh and what kind of software are you buying on these 5 different launchers?
            Yeah, primarily the stuff that isn’t on steam. So you aren’t really choosing other launchers overs steam – you simply have no choice.

            STEAM is the DEFAULT store for everything in personal computing space. That’s what 20 years of monopoly and worshipping gives you. Steam still charges 30% nearly 2 decades later. They make more money per day than they ever spent on VR.
            Valve can go f themselves.

          • Ghost

            Wrong. If the games are available on 5 stores and he/she chooses steam anyway, there is choice but it seems steam is still making the best offer apart from just price.

          • ViRGiN

            what offer? if the price is identical, or lower in other stores, 99,99% will always go to steam. why? because they have been hoarding games for 20 years there already. who are you trying to fool?

  • Sky Castle

    This is good news and I’m excited for it. I’ve been waiting and hoping it would be release on PSVR2 to get it and was the reason I never bought it for the PSVR. I wonder how much of a graphical downgrade it will have though. But since Sony said PSVR2 won’t be backwards compatible it looks like this will be my only option to play it.