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Jaunt VR, the company creating tech for capturing 360 degree 3D VR experiences, has today finally revealed their first publically available content: a performance taken from Sir Paul McCartney’s recent Candlestick Park gig in San Francisco earlier this year.

McCartney 360 3D Concert Footage Released by Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR today released news of its first publicly available content filmed using their proprietary 360 degree, stereoscopic capture and processing systems. To date, Jaunt has raised more than $34 million in investments for its technology, but outside of private demonstrations and a few teasers, the company has not made public any of its early 360 degree 3D VR film content.

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The release, now available via an app downloadable from the Google Play store, is an immersive version of the live performance of Paul McCartney’s song, Live and Let Die, and gives users a real taste of where Jaunt VR is headed with its content creation program. Jaunt VR says the footage was shot live in front of 70,000 fans at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park earlier this year. Jaunt kept the filming largely under wraps until today’s reveal.

“Viewers will experience a completely new level of immersion: complete freedom to look in any direction and experience every moment of the performance in true stereoscopic 3D with reactive, omnidirectional audio,” the company said. “The experience puts you right in the crowd, onstage, backstage, or even right by Paul’s side as he performs.”

jaunt camera prototype
A look at one of Jaunt’s camera prototypes. An array of cameras captures a 360 degree scene. Jaunt uses algorithms to extract 3D information from the overlapping footage.

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Jaunt says that the footage is coming soon to both the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. As indicated on the company’s content page, Jaunt is also soon to release The Mission, Kaiju Fury, and Black Mass, three made-for-VR short films that the company has shot with its proprietary 360 degree 3D capture technology.

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Full Disclosure: Brian Hart, who is Senior Systems Engineer at Jaunt, contributes articles to Road to VR.

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  • Alkapwn

    My Cardboard is at home! :(

    Been waiting so long to be able to see one of their videos! I’m so freaking excited!

    • Easter Egg: you can pinch your fingers on the screen to switch out of stereo mode and get a “window on the world” experience, but it’s MUCH better with 3D!

  • VRyesplease

    I just watched it with my S5 and Cardboard. It was pretty cool. You could see the audience or look behind you and see the crew sneaking around setting up for the next song. I have to admit that I would pay for a concert experience like this, or I guess they could do immersive advertising. That could get weird fast. Ask Flo.