Job Simulator (2016), Owlchemy Labs’ madcap workplace sim from the future, is pushing a free content update called ‘Infinite Overtime mode’ that lets you play endless, randomized tasks. Owlchemy is also permanently dropping the price of Job Simulator to $20.

Now including TempBot, “JobBot’s far less motivated nighttime replacement,” you can now go through endless, randomized tasks to your hearts content—which should sound hopelessly depressing if it were real work, but considering the nature of the incredibly silly tasks, it actually sounds like a neat way of squeezing out more playtime in the tongue-in-cheek simulator game.

According to a blogpost announcing Infinite Overtime, each of the game’s jobs have been updated “to allow for a countless stream of customers as you punch the clock late into the evening.”

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The new mode comes for free in the latest update, but is only accessible once you’ve completed all tasks in a job, then letting you flip the Infinite Overtime switch attached to the kiosk in the museum.

“We’re super excited about [Infinite Job Overtime]! We’ve been working in secret on this update for quite a while, creating randomized bot interactions, adding in new mini-meta games, and updating our vehicular drift vectors. Each of the jobs in Job Simulator has been fitted with an Infinite Overtime mode, which includes new tasks, promotions and, of course, easter eggs! Keep at the nightly grind to earn promotions and desk flair to declare your dedication to endless jobbing. Even a human like you could one day be promoted to ‘Managing Director of Interns’! Also, we added fidget spinners, because why not?”

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Originally created as a HTC Vive launch title, Job Simulator went on to support both Oculus Touch and PSVR at their respective launches, becoming one of the most successful VR games financially. Earlier this year, the studio revealed they had posted $3 million in sales for the game.

‘Job Simulator’ on Steam

‘Job Simulator’ on Oculus

‘Job Simulator’ on PSN

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  • Me

    Is there foreign language support ? Because right now it may be fun for Americans, but my kids still can’t enjoy 90% of what VR has to offer just because of this language barrier.

  • senfone

    that’s nice. you might as well buy it.

  • gothicvillas

    I have my 10 dollars ready

  • John Horn

    This is awesome! Just what I wanted from the game when I first got it with the Vive. I was a bit disappointed when I realized the game was over. Very very cool. Great job to owlchemy labs!