GameTrailers caught up with John Carmack, at QuakeCon 2012, who has been giving the media demos of the Oculus Rift since E3 in early June. This is essentially the same spiel we’ve heard from Carmack at E3 with the addition of some information regarding the development of Doom 4 with the Oculus Rift in mind, as well as a good amount of footage showing the pre-Oculus output that runs into the forthcoming HMD.

As ever, it’s great to hear Carmack’s brutally honest and informed insight into the world of VR and with regards to the Oculus Rift. Toward the end he also mentions that we wants to make the Oculus Rift a more direct part of the Doom 4 development process rather than an afterthought:

One of the first things I’m going to do after the BGF edition of Doom 3 ships is move all of this code development work that I’ve done for virtual reality into the Doom 4 code base. […] It’s part of my game plan to have [the VR code base] in for the entire rest of Doom 4 development, have it be something that goes through regular QA and is really part of the release cycle rather than something that’s tacked on as a weird extra at the very end of development.


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  • ThePhi

    I can’t watch the video… Is there some link to this? (maybe a problem with my plugin…)

    • Ben Lang

      I see no issue with it on my end. Maybe it’s a browser or plugin problem? Ise the first link in the article to go directly to GameTrailers, you might be able to watch it there.