road to vr logoThis friday, the 18th of July, Road to VR will be hosting a live roundtable discussion about VR, in VR. The entire team will be assembling across half the globe inside the Riftmax virtual reality software to talk VR. Anyone is welcome to be a member of the live audience.

One of the most powerful functions of virtual reality is also one of the most simple: the ability to communicate remotely while still feeling like you’re standing near someone. As a multinational team, the Road to VR staff rarely have the chance to gather together in person. Fortunately, we’re in the business of following closely the growth of technology that’s designed to eliminate that problem once and for all.

At 11:30am EST this Friday (find the time in your timezone here), the 18th of July, the Road to VR team will be gathering together inside of virtual reality for a live roundtable discussion about the VR industry. The event will be hosted within the Riftmax software.

Riftmax is a multiplayer VR cinema which can also host events with live audiences. The software is home to weekly karaoke nights, the world’s first live virtual reality talk show, and more.

Anyone is welcome to join the event to be part of the live audience. The Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra are recommended, but not required—you are welcome to join on a regular monitor if you don’t have access to VR equipment.

The discussion will feature the entire Road to VR team:

  • Ben Lang, Founder & Executive Editor
  • Paul James, Editor
  • “Reverend” Kyle Riesenbeck, Contributor and host of the Rev VR Podcast
  • Brian Hart, Silicon Valley Correspondent
  • Jon Tustain, London Correspondent
  • “Cymatic” Bruce Wooden, Contributor and VR evangelist

Learn more about the team at our About page.

We’ll also have several guests, representing various topics within the realm of VR; final details will be announced Thursday evening, hope to see you there!

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  • David Mulder

    Might tune in from my work PC for a bit, though not a fan of talkshows and this sounds awfully much like one. Hope you guys make sure there is actual content as well, random opinions can be found easily enough on the internet.