Veteran Director of Iron Man, Chef and more recently The Jungle Book, Jon Favreau has created a brand new project entitled ‘Gnomes & Goblins’, a realtime VR experience set in a magical fantasy world. And it’s out right now.

In collaboration with Reality One and Wevr, Jon Favreau’s first exploration of VR as a narrative platform is Gnomes & Goblins, an interactive VR experience that takes you through a fantastical world where you get to meet, and get to know, well, some Goblins (and possibly some Gnomes).


As promised a preview version of this new VR experience, which is appearing exclusively for the HTC Vive system on Steam, is out right now for free. You can grab it right here. And you can read more about the new experience here.

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  • Svartgeit

    To be fair this is a small preview and not a game. There isn’t much to do. It’s beautiful but I thought this article was saying the game itself was out.

  • Charles Carbonaro

    When does the game come out?