Killzone Developer Announces Competitive Mech Shooter ‘Rigs’ for Sony Morpheus


On stage at the company’s E3 press conference, Sony revealed a new Project Morpheus title in the works called Rigs: MCL, a mech shooter which they say is built around competitive gameplay.

Rigs: MCL (Mechanized Combat League) is being developed by Guerilla Games Cambridge, creators of Killzone: Mercenary (2013) for the PlayStation Vita, and part of the larger Guerrilla Games studio which is known for the Killzone franchise on PlayStation.

Rigs appears to be a Morpheus-exclusive title, pitting teams of four against one another in speedy combat mechs. In fact, the mechs are so agile that we’re actually wondering whether or not this game will be comfortable as a VR experience.

The trailer release today shows the mechs cruising about the map, twisting, turning, shooting, and even jumping at high speeds. Quite frankly it looks like a recipe for nausea in VR. We’ll save our judgement until we have a chance to try it, as Sony proved skeptics wrong with their Street Luge demo at E3 2014, a Morpheus experience which looked like it would be quite uncomfortable in VR but left us with nothing but a sense of speed and a smile.

Further, the company’s first-party content for Morpheus has been some of the best we’ve seen in the VR industry in general; at this point we trust the company to ‘do it right’ when it comes to comfort in VR.

The gameplay looks quite unique as far as arena shooters are concerned. Not only are the mechs apparently varied in their abilities (suggesting a class or perhaps progression/upgrade system), but one of the ways that players can score in a match appears to be jumping through a ‘Power Slam’ hoop.

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We’re looking forward to trying Rigs for ourselves at Sony’s E3 booth in the very near future.

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