heather-kelleyOne of my favorite VR games is the Kokoromi Collective’s SUPERHYPERCUBE, which is a very stylized 3D Tetris game with amazing sound design. It’s a VR experience that really gives your brain a stimulating spatial memory workout. I first had a chance to play SUPERHYPERCUBE at the XOXO Festival, and I learned more about the process of designing the game from Kokoromi Collective members Heather Kelley & Phil Fish. I had a chance to do an interview with Heather at Sony’s GDC event this year where she described to me a bit of their game design process and long history of developing this game going all the way back to 2008.


It was surprisingly difficult to find footage online that really conveys what the gameplay looks like. Here’s an animated GIF that shows some of the basic mechanic, but a lot of the immersive feeling of the game is obviously lost in this 2D translation.

This gameplay footage of SUPERHYPERCUBE correlates what it’s like moving your head around to be able to see how to rotate the cube, but the footage is hard to really make more out of the gameplay.

And here’s some of the original gameplay of SUPERHYPERCUBE from 2008 that shows the same mechanic, but the art and sound design has been drastically improved.

You can read more about the history of this game from Ben Lang’s write-up on SUPERHYPERCUBE.

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