Crystal Rift, a grid-based dungeon crawler game designed especially for VR, has reached their funding goal with only a few hours to spare until the official end of its crowdfunding campaign. In an effort to drum up more support, the lads have released their 8th update to their alpha version, with the final version hitting Steam sometime in July 2015.

Crystal Rift Kickstarter

The UK based developers Jon Hibbins (Squigs(1993) for Amiga) and  Nick Pittom (aka “RedOfPaw”, the mind behind the Spirited Away recreation) have met their funding goal of £4000 (~$6200 for you colonial types) with less than 2 days left in the campaign. Although they’ve been successfully funded, there’s still time remaining to back the project and receive the game ahead of its official Steam release.

CrystalRift1Plenty of £16 ($25) spots are left to support the campaign and receive a digital download of the final game in July 2015, along with an in-game mention and credit on the supporter page. For only 6 more quid (~$10) you can also reserve early beta access to the game, which is scheduled for April 2015.

To further entice prospective backers, they’ve released the 8th installment of their alpha demo for DK2, including a number of updates such as “more content, an improved map, more secrets, more story and new challenges.”

The free alpha also offers support for non-HMD users that want to get into the D&D-style chest looting and crystal grabbing business, although the PC version’s ‘right-click to look’ function greatly detracts from the game’s ominous simplicity.

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Stretch Goals

If Crystal Rift can manage to scrape together some more copper farthings and sovereigns (more silly names for money) before the official end date of December 12th, they’ve also planned to push out more content.

  • £5,000.00 – New elemental themed levels – Fire and Ice
  • £6,000.00 – No Delay, the In-Game Editor will released on the day we release the final game
  • £7,000.00 – Procedurally created dungeons with puzzles to explore, jump into a new random dungeon, with scare levels.

Best of luck to the Crystal Rift team in their final few hours of the campaign, it’s an intriguing looking title and one we very much look forward to seeing more of in the coming months.

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