Last month’s launch of Oculus Go, the $200 standalone VR headset, has stolen much of the virtual limelight as of late, but owners of recent Samsung flagship phones can still get in on many of the new apps and updates coming to the Oculus mobile store. Now, Samsung has temporarily reduced the price of the latest Gear VR headset + controller combo to as low as $90 on Amazon.

The deal is available now and goes until June 16th, and can be found at
from Samsung, BestBuy, and Amazon [Amazon], although it looks like Amazon has the competition beat at the lowest price of $90. The headset + controller combo originally costs $130 MSRP.

The latest model, released in 2017, is compatible with Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy S6 edge+.

Also, for those who don’t mind buying a refurbished unit in good condition, you can grab one (plus controller) starting at a slightly nicer $55 [Amazon].

the New 2017 Gear VR with Controller

It’s also worth noting that those who already own any version of Gear VR, that adding on the controller will only cost you $15 [Amazon], a steep price reduction from its original MSRP of $40.

Because Gear VR and Oculus Go share the same app store, many of the apps built specifically for Oculus Go’s launch last month are slowly rolling out to its sister hardware platform, with apps such as Oculus Venues now live on Gear VR. Gear VR currently boasts over 1,000 apps.

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  • jeff courtney

    I got that already new at a pawn shop for 40 and 30 with the controller.Praise Jesus!

  • With $200 you can get a fully fledged VR system that is better than it…

    • NooYawker

      I would hardly call the Go a full fledged VR system. It’s an upgrade from Gear VR but it’s definitely in the same class as the Gear VR.

  • Wilson Bradley

    Did I miss something? What is the exact difference between the 2017 version and this one?
    Update: Ok, re-read it and I guess this article is just stating the price drop for the 2017, there is no new version. correct?

    • V Z

      Yes, you missed this prezentation that shows what amazing shit this new version can do:

      • Wilson Bradley

        Haha.. Got rolled

  • V Z

    Who is enough of an idiot to buy this shit? Rift or GTFO!