Samsung’s long rumored VR smartphone adapter just left the rumor mill and entered into (virtual) reality. The Verge has published a photo of the device allegedly codenamed ‘Project Moonlight’.

samsung project moonlight vr smartphone adapter virtual reality

Here it is in all of its blurry low quality glory (just as we’d expect a leaked photo to be). Samsung’s VR smartphone adapter, which is rumored to be announced at IFA next month is apparently codenamed ‘Project Moonlight,’ according to The Verge who published this photo.

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A Samsung Galaxy S5 can be seen in the photo with what appears to be a case that may attach magnetically onto the headset. It’s possible that Samsung expects users to keep the case on at all times, fitting it with subtle magnets that would make clasping the phone to the headset a trivial task.

A dial of some sort can be seen on the top of the headset. While an IPD adjustment (eye width) would be nice, given the apparently fixed design of the lenses, it seems more likely that the dial is to adjust eye-relief (the distance of the lenses from the eyes).

It’s believed that the launch version of the device will work with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is expected to be revealed alongside Project Moonlight. It’s been rumored that the device’s official name will be Samsung Gear VR, associating it with Samsung’s ‘Gear’ line of smartwatches.

Though the relationship between Samsung and Oculus VR on this project hasn’t been confirmed, the recent discovery of an entire Samsung smartphone touchscreen inside of the DK2 definitely lends credence to the rumor.

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    It would be great if it worked with Galaxy S4