Feeling your immersive adventures leave you lacking in the style department? Want to stand out from the VR crowd? Then this new limited edition HTC Vive headset might be for you.

Given the distinctly tethered nature of the current generation of PC powered virtual reality technology, there’s not a lot of chance you’ll find much reason to cart your gear into a public place such that you’d be worried about how you looked whilst ‘in VR’. However, that hasn’t stopped long time official merchandise partner WeLoveFine designing and producing a snazzy, limited edition HTC Vive head strap.


Sold under the ‘Secret Shop’ DOTA 2 banner, the Limited Edition Vive system comes with a fetching red and white ‘International DOTA 2 Championships’ branded headstrap to help you impress … someone I guess. There seems to be no other customisations to the remaining included Vive hardware, and the price is almost identical to the official US HTC Vive price at $800 excluding shipping. So if you’re a hardcore DOTA 2 e-sports fan and you were going to buy a Vive anyway, this might just be for you.

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  • J.C.

    Can DOTA2 be played in VR??

    • Seadna Smallwood

      It can be spectated in VR, but maybe they are bringing out a VR playable version too.