After a nearly two-year delay, Lone Echo II is finally here to bring us full circle on Jack & Liv’s story. Was it worth the wait? Read on to find out.

Lone Echo II Details:

Available On: Oculus PC
Release Date: October 12th, 2021
Price: $40
Developer: Ready at Dawn
Publisher: Oculus Studios
Reviewed On: Quest 2 (Oculus Link)


Let’s get this out of the way right up front: Lone Echo II picks up almost immediately after the original game, and has a plot that’s heavily reliant on prior knowledge. If you have any interest in playing Lone Echo II, you should really play Lone Echo first.

Now that that’s clear… Lone Echo II returns players to familiar gameplay and game structure. While on its surface one might think to classify the game as an action-adventure or adventure-puzzler, it’s actually closer to an adventure-exploration game, as it never manages to deliver much tension, action, nor puzzle intrigue.

Lone Echo II is a very slowly paced game, sometimes to a fault. While it’s nice that we get to meet some new characters this time around, this leads to extended dialogue sequences where you’re just kind of sitting around listening to people have slow conversations. Had there been more intrigue in the plot or growth of the characters, this might have been just fine, but in the absence of those things it can be a bit tiresome.

The game returns quickly to the gameplay established by its predecessor—which involves running around causally completing various objectives—and manages to deliver a similar (and sometimes magical) feeling of actually floating in and around a space station orbiting Saturn.

Just like the first game, eventually you’ll be let loose outside of a space station to explore and search out some optional quests or pursue the main objectives. This time around the area you can explore feels even more expansive, and the optional quests have a bit more pay-off as they can bring you some upgrades to your suit’s systems (though these don’t feel essential in any way to completing the main plot).

Without spoiling anything, you’ll look through various perspectives throughout the game, thanks to the hardware-agnostic nature of Jack’s android memory. Initially the game looks like it’s using this opportunity to offer more action (eventually you actually wield a real weapon), but unfortunately it winds up functioning much more like a tool than anything else, offering up little that could be called “combat.”

In Lone Echo II the environment continues to be your biggest threat and the source of the game’s conflict. There’s a single new enemy you’ll run into—the floating “tick” biomass forms which are basketball-sized creatures that will attach to you and drain your health if you get to close—but while they’re fun to watch as they float around and squish against walls, they don’t amount to particularly interesting enemies. This is mainly because they aren’t intelligent (to be fair, they aren’t supposed to be), which renders them more like dynamic environmental threats than anything truly challenging.

And that brings me to a bit of a gripe with Lone Echo II: there isn’t much of a gameplay arc. While many games teach players new skills and then puts those skills to the test through challenging situations, Lone Echo II just never asks that much of you, and subsequently doesn’t ever manage to raise the level of tension. There’s rarely any consequence for dying, the puzzles are never challenging enough to give you a “eureka!” moment, and the game’s single enemy feels more like a nuisance than a threat.

For the most part you’re leisurely going about your business in space, which can admittedly be fun thanks to a strong sense of immersion, but we already got a good dose of that in the first Lone Echo; the sequel was the prime opportunity to evolve that gameplay into something more, not just more of the same.

Lone Echo II could have been forgiven for its leisurely pace if it had a great story and characters to lean into, but those aspects feel only so-so. Though the characters are beautifully rendered and well voice-acted, the plot—like the gameplay—has a fairly flat arc that ends with an anti-climactic and slightly puzzling ending. The choice to hide a key scene behind the credits also seems odd, as I’m sure some players will take the headset off before seeing the full ending.

All in all, Lone Echo II took me about nine hours to complete, though it would have probably taken me a few more had I opted to track down all of the optional quests. Of those optional quests that I did do, I found them generally enjoyable and felt like they added to the game’s sense of freedom and discovery. Once you get out into open space it feels like there’s always something new to look at or explore.


Immersion is truly where Lone Echo II shines. While the gameplay and story arcs might not provide a strong sense of momentum, the game—more than almost any other—makes you feel like you’re really out there, floating around in that world.

At least in the free-roaming parts of the game, the feeling of being able to simply fly to any part of the map to explore whatever interests you at the moment brings a sense of freedom that few VR games manage to achieve. Yes, it sometimes feels like you’re doing chores, but hey, if you could fold your laundry while feeling like you’re on a space station orbiting Saturn, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?

The sense of immersion is aided heavily by the game’s rich interactions and immersive locomotion. It’s the same zero-G movement as the first game, where you can grab onto the environment and push off of it to send yourself hurtling from one place to another. Assisted by micro-thrusters on your wrists for fine-adjustments and a bigger booster on your back for building up speed, the feeling of reaching out and grabbing the environment so frequently—or, in cases of the biomass threat, carefully not touching the environment—really makes the walls, handles, and levers feel solid around you.

There’s also still something magical about seeing objects float around the zero-G environment, especially when just about every single one is physically interactive. Sometimes its fun just to grab a floating piece of debris on your way by, give it a little shove, and watch it cruise silently into the void of space. And more practically speaking, being able to reorient objects in your hand by giving them a little twist, letting them spin in place, then grabbing them again, feels entirely natural.

Lone Echo II is beautifully art directed. It feels like there’s almost no deviation in style or graphical detail from the first game which, on one hand, is great because the first was extremely detailed, but on the other hand, it would have been nice to see some new graphical flourishes given the four years that have elapsed from the original.

Even without improved graphics, it would have been great to see more significant optimizations to the game so that most everyone could enjoy it at its best presentation.

Oculus recommends a GeForce GTX 1080 GPU and an Intel i7-6000 CPU, or higher. Unfortunately the game struggled a bit at times on an RTX 2080 Ti and an i7-6700K at Medium settings and 2x MSAA. Worth noting: I was playing the game on Quest 2 via Oculus Link, which means it was rendering at much higher resolution than if I had been using Rift S, plus Oculus Link uses some extra resources to work.

Do yourself a favor when starting Lone Echo II: disable Temporal AA, then find the highest setting that will still run the game at 4x or 2x MSAA. The game unfortunately suffers a lot from aliasing, but the Temporal AA solution adds a significant blur. Using 4x or 2x MSAA will show more jaggies but everything will be much sharper.

Lone Echo II also seems to expect SSD speeds, as I saw fairly regular popping of some large textures during my HDD-installed playthrough. Luckily its very reasonable 21GB size should be easy enough for most people to find room for on their fastest drives, even if only until they’ve completed the game.


I found Lone Echo II’s zero-G hands-on locomotion to be fairly comfortable, though if I played for more than an hour or so I could start to feel some faint discomfort which would prompt me to take a break.

Even though it’s fairly comfortable and intuitive, Lone Echo II only supports smooth locomotion and has minimal adjustments for comfort. Snap turn or smooth turn are really the only choice you can make—there’s no blinders or other forms of comfort compensation, so it’s up to you to be careful about how you move if you want to stay comfortable.

You can easily make the game more or less comfortable depending upon how careful you are with your movement; avoid shaking yourself around violently or flying face-first into walls and you’ll be much better off. You can find a full list of the game’s comfort settings further below.

While there was some risk that Quest 2’s inside-out tracking would prove problematic with Lone Echo II‘s hands-on locomotion—due to the controllers sometimes getting lost out of sight—found this to be extremely rare during my time with the game. I think that’s because it’s fairly rare to grab anything behind you, which leaves your hands generally visible by the headset’s cameras.

The only issue I found with the controllers was that pressing the button on the side of my helmet to turn on my light was a hit-or-miss affair which usually took a few tries.

‘Lone Echo II’ Comfort Settings – October 12th, 2021

Turning (heading 4 in WP)

Artificial turning
Adjustable speed
Adjustable increments


Artificial movement
Adjustable speed (not explicit)
Adjustable strength
Head-based n/a
Controller-based n/a
Swappable movement hand


Standing mode
Seated mode (not explicit)
Artificial crouch n/a
Real crouch n/a


Languages English
Alternate audio
Adjustable difficulty
Two hands required
Real crouch required
Hearing required
Adjustable player height n/a
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  • NotMikeD

    Thanks for the informative review. Assuming the graphics engine works the same as the first game, I’d offer a counterpoint to your graphics settings recommendation. Reddit user Runesr2 discovered that on powerful graphics cards, totally disabling MSAA, enabling TSAA, and using the highest levels of supersampling your graphics card allowed made for the best visuals in the first game, given the high levels of supersampling made the blurring from the TAA much more palatable. Granted he was using a 3090, which not everyone will have access to, so YMMV but it is certainly something to try.

    • benz145

      Thanks, I think I tried 150% SS but found it ran worse than 4x MSAA. Eventually I went down to 2x MSAA to prevent any stutters during the game’s heavier moments.

      • Gonzax

        The game is more demanding than the first one. With a 1080Ti it set itself to medium settings. I switched to High and so far so good but I’ll keep your recommendation in mind just in case performance gets worse, which hasn’t happened in the first 3 hours.

  • VRGamer

    That’s a shame. I was hoping it would be an amazing game. Sounds like it’s just lukewarm.

    • NotMikeD

      Sounds that way from this review and others, which do make very valid complaints about it, but I won’t split hairs–this is a must-own game for anyone even remotely interested in VR. It is a MASTER class in VR immersion, environmental design, story-telling, and character development, and it’s polished in a way we’ve not seen since Half-Life: Alyx. Not much drops my jaw anymore in VR; this did.

      It’s being graded against the fact that it doesn’t do things much differently than the first game did, but if this was judged on its own from what I’ve seen in even just the first couple hours it’d be a 6/5 title. We’re not exactly swimming in VR titles of this quality, so I for one am glad to have it.

      • P-4-u-l-0


      • pasfish111

        Yea, FB and the mobile Quest have sucked quality VR out of the market. LE2 is nothing new, and not better than LE in 2017 but way better than eating dust (mobile VR) :D

  • xyzs

    Disappointed about the graphics. It looks just like the first opus and the AA looks really bad.

    When a studio takes obviously no risks, and releases a v1.5 sequel, the least we could expect are vastly improved graphics and assets, especially with a 4 years delay.

    I will be waiting for a discount to get it then… no rush.

    • VRFriend

      no discount on oculus store. Facebook is greedy. Look at that retarded Beat Saber crap. 29 $ and never discounted, since years.

      • patriciadan

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      • ViRGiN

        Look at this motherfooker, what a steam fanboy used to hoarding games for pennies.

        Beat saber for years wasn’t part of Facebook. Why would you discount something that sells well?

        Meanwhile look at that shit Alyx, multiple discounts already. Steam so desperate!

        • John Duncan

          Virgin why you always so angry???? , i see you all time posting comments that just trolling people. You should take chill pill dude and let people have opinion with out need for abuse from you.

          • Totius

            I agree with you.. he is always like that

          • ViRGiN

            Oh, so having different opinion is trolling now? If you get so triggered, report the comment and move on. I don’t know your comment is supposed to mean? Are you a personal trainer?

          • John Duncan

            There having diffrent opinion and wording it in constructive way. Calling people mother blah blah and steam fanboy etc , isn’t constructive. Its just childish . As I said we all are entitled to our opinions. Just learn to tone it down and allow others to share there views with out attacking every post you disagree with.

          • Convex

            the man’s name is VIRGIN what do you expect!! hehehehe

          • His username is a giveaway that he is indeed just that. Probably a child and if not then he has a man-child, fragile ego. Best not to engage with non-contributing zeros like that :)

        • Keopsys

          Could this ViRUS be banned at some point ? Go away nobody likes you and nobody likes what you have to say.

          • Arno van Wingerde

            Obviously not, otherwise the ever-present person making lots of money per months but having nothing better to do than spam every article for ages would have been banned and possible shot ages ago!

        • pasfish111

          Hahaha I got Lone Eco II for 32€ (10% discount) on day one! :D :D :D …comparing HL: Alyx with Beat Saber is nothing more than a joke :D …but I know for you on the mobile Quest 2 Beat Saber feels like a new game, we on Steam played this thing already 3 years ago. …and yes It’s nice to show people who are new to VR like everything is working – and that’s it.

    • YasminBrown

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    • NotMikeD

      Played for a couple of hours last night. There are things to be disappointed over in this world. Trust me, the graphics in Lone Echo 2 are not one of them.

      The only game that looks this good, MAYBE, is Half-Life. Floating in the presence of Liv at 200% SS my brain refused to believe she wasn’t a living person. Truly awesome stuff.

    • Graphics are disappointing. The LOD detail pop-in is too bad and the textures are below par. Even entry level last gen GPUs can handle better textures and level of detail than what I’m seeing. I’m also constantly having crashes with everything maxed apart from AA and resolution scale is at 1.0x

  • sebrk

    Anyone knows the ReVive status?

    • rachelgomm

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    • EvieElliott

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    • Gonzax

      it works perfectly fine on my Index with the latest Revive. I had a previous version installed (I needed it for the first LE which I replayed yesterday as the newest Revive made the game crash) and this second part doesn’t work with that but it works with the latest version.

      In other words:

      LE1 = works with Revive 1.9
      LE2 = works with Revive 2.1

  • VRFriend

    Facebook Studio = fixed price. Never any discounts. 40 USD is a lot of money for this.

    • Gonzax

      No, it’s not, it’s actually very little money for a AAA game. Any console game like this would be 60 or 70€.
      Also there are lots of discounts on the Oculus store. First game is currently at TEN bucks, if that is not a good discount then I don’t know what is.

      • Rosko

        It’s not AAA.

        • Gonzax

          Yes it is

    • shadow9d9

      Lone Echo 1 has been $10.

    • VR5

      I only payed €35 for the bundle since I already own the original. Cheaper than LE2 on its own.

      And it’s a steal even at $40. Same with Asgard’s Wrath.

    • Mrflappywilly

      there have been loads of sales on the oculus store, including a deep sale on Lone echo 1… what are you on about?

  • I said I would be happy to play this game even if it just turns out to be “more Lone Echo and not much else”, and by all accounts that’s what it appears to be. So I’m still looking forward to it. IMO asking them to really go outside the box and keep pushing to change the gameplay loop is like asking Nintendo to make something as impactful as Mario 64 twice. There’s so much to digest just internalizing the mechanics of the initial game, I welcome to opportunity to just do it some more.

    • benz145

      I think Mario fans would agree that the company has managed to keep things fresh and unique throughout the series even while maintaining the same joyful feeling of playing. If nothing else, sequels are a time to perfect the formula, and I don’t think Lone Echo II really does that more than just being an addition to the first game, unfortunately.

    • Christina Thacker

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  • metanurb

    Can you turn yourself from only using push / pull from a surface with two arms? Or just hold on to a surface with one hand, and turn the hand to (slowly?) turn yourself?

    That’s the one thing I missed in Lone Echo 1. Felt artificial to use the controller joystick all the time to turn yourself. Apart from that, it’s excellent and (almost) a gold standard in VR, with self body and shadows etc.

    I suspect is also missing in LE 2? It’s a simple turn mechanic (or I think it should be).

    I’ll still probably get this anyway though.

    • Gonzax

      You could do that in LE but you had to enable 2 options that come disabled by default as they’re harder to stomach but it is possible, same in LE2.
      I didn’t mind using the stick but you can always just turn yourself IRL if you want.

      What I do recommend is using a swivel chair or any other chair in a way that your feet can’t touch the ground. It helps a lot with immersion and the feeling of being in zero gravity, especially when you need to reach for a lever and can’t use your feet to help you move.

      • metanurb

        Wow, I did not know that! Where are those options? In-game or do you have to edit some ini files or similar? (Haven’t played Lone Echo in ages atm).

      • metanurb

        I’m still interested in which settings these are. It’s a while since I’ve tried Lone Echo now, but I couldn’t find any relevant settings? Is it in some config files?

        And yeah it’s a while since I checked my Disqus lol.

        Also, I never got LE2, or at least not yet (if that one have my requested mechanics I’d get it at once !). Currently also a while since I’ve played much in VR btw. Good VR games are far and few between (Lone Echo is one of the exceptions ofc).

        • Gonzax

          They are in the options menu but they might not be exactly what you’re looking for. They add some extra yaw and pitch movement or allowed to use the right joystick to look up and down, I can’t quite remember now nor I remember their name now but they’re easy to find as they were disabled by default, at least in LE1, just look for those settings and enable them but, as I said, perhaps you want something else and I don’t remember it correctly.

          • metanurb

            Ah okay. Yeah it’s not exactly what I was looking for, I think I have those enabled. O actually I don’t quite remember atm but if there are such settings I very likely would enabled them lol :-) Thanks anyway!

  • benz145

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    • We scored this game 7.5/10 – ‘Good’ by our linear scale.

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  • JB1968

    Looks like Facebook’s last nail to PCVR coffin. What a shame.

    • NotMikeD

      Played last night for a couple of hours. If this truly is the last nail in PCVR’s coffin, then it is an unbelievably beautiful eulogy. This is a must-own VR title, and I’m agitated that due to zero marketing-hype generated ahead of its launch, and now lukewarm reviews like this that are down-grading it just because it’s similar to a title who’s quality really hasn’t been even approached in the 4 years since it’s been released (save for HLA), I’m sure that way fewer people will play this title than it deserves. That is an absolute shame.

  • pasfish111

    I see a game that looks an feels like VR games was before the Quest entered the marked 4 years ago! Most YouTubers call it already the best VR Game of 2021 :D … But this is nothing else than Lone Echo 1 was already in 2017!!! … no progression or evolution in graphics, gameplay or VR mechanics in dam 4 years! Nothing!!! …without the mobile Quest, VR games would be so much further already!!! Hopefully Sony will bring VR gaming back on track again!

    • Lhorkan

      Would VR games be further though? Who would be making and investing in them? PC VR has continued to exist next to Quest, yet there’s been no takers. The reason being the same as it was 4 years ago: you’ll be hard pressed to turn a profit when operating on a AAA budget in a small market. The Quest has taken off for a reason. I wouldn’t say it stifled PC VR growth as much as created a new, larger, AIO VR market. With many Quest 2’s being connected to Steam now, if anything, it has also grown the PC VR market – do that for long enough, and it just might become worthwhile making proper PC VR games.

    • NaomiFleming

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    • juantho

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  • John Duncan

    This game looks like it could be awesome , but right now its not fit to play. Am running on I9 9900K , RTX 2080 with 16gb DDR 4 and it will not allow me to switch graphics setting from low to High , when it high you are lucky if you get 45fps , with lot reprojection , from 90 hz display , right now it bit of joke how poorly optimised this game is . How all reviewers were able to play this game with no chat about random bugs and crashes , poor performance all round. What copy of game did you guys get as I want that version not one am being sold. I have read countless reports and sat in Discord seeing people with same issues. Decent high end rigs struggling yet all reviewers seem to have very little issues

    • Totius

      My guess is that there is a specific bug for rtx 2080 (probably + quest link). It will get fixed soon, do not be worried

    • XRC

      Try rolling back to previous Nvidia driver?

  • johann jensson

    I never felt like i did “space chores” in the first game. It was all about immersion and tension. If LE2 is the same, then it’s a sure buy. How can you improve on something that’s excellent already?

    • jbob4mall

      Because no game is perfect.

  • Well, at least they have finally released it!

  • david vincent

    It’s unfortunate that this sequel is so demanding (apparently much more than the first game) when high-end cards are overpricing and hard to find.

  • P-4-u-l-0

    Cannot believe these people and this review. What sort of innovations these people wanted to implement or were expecting? really? A weapon to shoot some aliens? It is more than obvious that the game would continue to tell the story and it would be basically the same. Anyone who played the first and liked would want the new game to be the same! There has been nothing like Lone Echo from 4 years ago (save dor HLA)!!1 How someone can give this score for a game of this quality…. my goodnesss just replace this guy, he is not good gor this job…. it is like put someone that has no taste for wine to taste wine.

    • Rosko

      I would say the score is generous. If it was a 2d game it would get panned for churning out pretty much the same thing. Even DLC probably gets more progress in games these days.

      • P-4-u-l-0

        You do not need to change the formula of a game in a sequel. You should expect in some cases the same mechanics with some changes and improvements and that is exactly what Lone Echo 2 is. It surpasses the original, but it did not change the formula. Talking about 2D, I dont think Ori and the will of the wisps is the same as the first and it should impact in the review. Both Ori games are basically the same formula, and both are amazing. Same for Lone Echo, both are amazing and among the very best VR games.

  • P-4-u-l-0

    I came to a conclusion that it does not worth come to this site to read a review. It is much better to just watch the reviews from the most famous VR youtubers. All of them are saying this is a must buy game, an absolute fantastic game that is one of the best, if not the best. How can so many youtubers think this is one of the best, and on here it gets a bad review, like it is just an avarege game. This is for sure a must buy and a masterpiece in many categories! Giving a bad score to this game is like giving a bad score to the first too, coz this is just a sequence to the story, the mechanics are the same, both are very similar but this even surpasses the original in many ways!!! HL Alyx and Lone Echo are like the gold of VR! The most precious games!

    • Arno van Wingerde

      Well… glad to hear you like the game so much, but those influencers on Youtube may get some goodies for their reviews. I haven#t played it, but found this review (7.5 being a good note on the linear scale) to be relatively unbiased. the disappointment of the reviewer on the lack of progress in 4 years time seems justified, but that does not mean it is a bad game: so go on and enjoy it!

      • P-4-u-l-0

        Yeah, sure. All YouTubers get some goodies, it is not like one or two, basically all of them. And for other Oculus games that they gave a bad review they get some goodies too? This makes perfect sense, well considering that this review doesn’t make any sense too, it seems that some people just have a hard time analyzing things or reviewing things that should be obvious and make sense. And yes it does not mean it is a bad game, but it puts it in the same category as some very average games and below some games that dot not represent not even half of Lone Echo does. If a game of this quality is 7.5 average, please give me a list of the great games better than this higher that 8.0, coz I can’t think of many games better than this and I am sure that if you post a list of games here that got scores from 7.5 and higher, it will just prove that this review is a big joke.

        • jbob4mall

          Well, maybe he didn’t enjoy as much as other did. So what? It’s mostly subjective anyway unless you’re talking technical achievements. Big factor is fun.

          Jesus Christ I can’t stand people like you not allowing anyone to have dissenting opinion. Reviews like this allow me to make informed decision. Everyone saying it’s a masterpiece to appease does not. How about you reimburse anyone who doesn’t like the game that they bought because of all the positive reviews? Would you be willing to do that? Or would you suddenly argue that buyers should have looked at the negative reviews? The same negative reviews you want to stop…

          • P-4-u-l-0

            I am not trying to stop negative reviews, this is not the case here. This review clearly doesn’t make sense comparing with other reviews from other sources, and that could be fine if the reviewer here was always too rigorous on all reviews, but that is not the case and comparing with other previous reviews that got same or better scores from this same site of other games that are way worse than Lone Echo 2, so basically it is very clear the lack of consistency here and the personal opinion (or some reason to dislike) of the reviewer about this game. There is a huge difference if you consider personal taste vs a proper review done by a person that put personal tastes aside. A review like this in a site that the score can influence a lot of people and the Metacritics overall score too should be done by a person that can really analyze the game as a whole, putting aside personal tastes and considering other factors (such the previous scores of other games too). You should not give a score that is lower than other previous scores from games that are not as good. The scores must be consistent and should take into account the previous scores. In this case it seem he did not take into account the scores of other games at all, he just gave a score that he felt right apparently based on personal taste, so many other games that are nowhere close to the quality of this game got the same or better scores in the past. The analysis was not done in a proper way considering all facts as it is expected in a professional review. If I want to know personal tastes, I ask my friends. This should be a professional review from one of the most known VR sites.

          • benz145

            You should not give a score that is lower than other previous scores from games that are not as good.

            Perhaps the lower score is because we didn’t think the game was as good as the previous game?

          • P-4-u-l-0

            Yeahhh sure. Well, this is very easy to find out, put a list here of all the previous games that got scores lower or the same as Lone Echo 2 and I am sure there is not a freaking living soul that would agree Lone Echo 2 is worse than those games. Easy peasy.

    • benz145

      Have you played and beaten the game?

  • Pyroth3093

    With a 3090 and TAA on, it looks a lot better than it does with MSAA once you get 200% or above supersampling. You probably need at least a 3080 to pull it off though unfortunately. Dropping below 200% and you see the TAA blur cut through. This is the same story in other titles that are infamous for Blur. In Asgard’s Wrath, one that everyone complains about, I was able to cut through with my Reverb G2 by going up to like 130% supersampling and above 300% with Index. I realize not everyone has the horsepower to do this but it’s something to be aware of if you do because if you can get the blur low enough, TAA looks a lot better with a lot less jaggies.

    • benz145

      It’s a bummer that games with such beautiful assets like this get crushed with aliasing (in addition to those you mentioned, Stormland also comes to mind). In many cases I think it’s an issue with using deferred instead of forward rendering. Alyx always blows my mind for how sharp it looks.

  • Totius

    It scored lower than Jurassic World Aftermath for Road to VR…. I think that this fact deserves some reflections…

    • jbob4mall

      Not a smart way to view reviews. Maybe Jurassic Park does what it’s trying to do better than what this game is trying to do. But they’re different types of games. I mean, you don’t look at E.T. and give it a lesser score than Godfather because it’s a kids movie.

      • Totius

        Maybe.. have you tried it?

        • jbob4mall

          It doesn’t matter if I tried it or not. I’ve seen ET. I’ve seen the Godfather. If Godfathef was attempting to appeal to kids and families of all ages, it get a zero and ET a ten. And it’s clear Jurassic Park is aiming at a different audience than Echo.

          • Totius

            It does matter to have tried it, yes. You are assuming, in my opinion very incorrectly, that this Jurassic Park sequel game stands the comparison you made with ET and the Godfather.
            Changing slightly topic and moving to your comparison: I can agree that you can’t always compare things from different categories, like a really fantastic pizza and the NASA project to send a human to Mars, but in this specific category that is being judged, namely “VR Games” (notice that I don’t remember RTVR giving marks on other kind of experiences like for example VRchat), I find ridiculous that the two o them scored equal.

          • benz145

            Have you played and beaten both games?

          • P-4-u-l-0

            This idea that the review depends on the game style is ridiculous.
            Games have never been reviewed considering their style / theme, / category etc. and if they are for children or not. Resident Evil and Mario got the score they deserved doesn’t matter if one is for children and the other not. This review should take into consideration the score of all other VR games in this site and not create subcategories considering each theme / style. Anyway… if this game was being compared with other similar games, with strong on story telling, immersion, slow pace etc. It would be even easier to get a high score, because you are not taking into account games like Alyx, Sant and Sinners, etc because they are from a different category. You would need to compare this game with othesr slow pace, story driven VR games, so this game is wayyyyy ahead of any other game with the same style in VR. The conclusion is this is just a real bad review.
            If you want good reviews, watch the videos from the most famous VR youtubers.