IRIS VR launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign last month for LOW-FI, an atmospheric cyberpunk virtual reality game and so-called spiritual successor to TECHNOLUST (2016). The campaign is now over, having garnered $108,191 CAD (~$81,000 USD), a bulk of which came in the campaign’s first week.

Update (October 3rd, 2019): The Kickstarter is now over, although IRIS VR promises to open up an Indiegogo campaign in the coming days for anyone who wants to pre-order the game. The Kickstarter’s closest stretch goal wasn’t met, which was said to bring robot fighting to a casino area, and while the game won’t include robot fighting, the casino area has been confirmed by the game’s developer Blair Renaud.

Update (September 6th, 2019): The Low-Fi Kickstarter has reached its ~$45,000 ($60,000 CAD) goal in less than 3.5 days. The remaining 26 days will move the campaign closer to its stretch goals which range from additional music and game content to a version of Low-Fi for next-gen PSVR and Oculus Quest, as well as a handful of stretch goals in the interim which haven’t been announced.

The two major stretch goals for a next-gen PSVR and Quest version have also been reduced, putting them closer within reach. The next-gen PSVR port is now promised at $256,000 (~$380,000 CAD), and Quest at $600,000 (~$780,000 CAD).

Update (September 3rd, 2019): Just 30 hours into the Low-Fi Kickstarter, the project has raised nearly 75% of its ~$45,000 ($60,000 CAD) goal. With 28 days remaining in the crowdfunding campaign, the project looks well on its way to surpassing its goal and starting to eye up stretch goals.

The first stretch goal at ~$52,500 ($70,000 CAD) will bring new licensed music to the game, while another ~$7,500 ($10,000 CAD) after that will secure new content called ‘The Wasteland’, though exactly what that entails hasn’t been revealed just yet.

The following three stretch goals thereafter are not yet announced, but way up there at ~$375,000 ($500,000 CAD) is a stretch goal to port the game to the next-gen PSVR platform, followed by an Oculus Quest port at ~$638,000 ($850,000 CAD).

Original Article (September 2nd, 2019): Low-Fi is now on Kickstarter, aiming to raise roughly $45,000 ($60,000 CAD) in 30 days for an ambitious VR title. The game is set in a cyberpunk world from the mind of creator Blair Renaud; he doesn’t hide his inspirations, saying much is drawn from “great cyberpunk, noir, and sci-fi works” like Blade Runner, RoboCop, Outland, Alien and more.

The Kickstarter pitches the game’s premise as such:

LOW-FI is the street name given to those who cannot merge with The Platform, a ubiquitous virtual reality simulation where most of the population now live their lives. You are a low-fi police officer that has recently been transferred to a particularly crime ridden section of city-block 303. The only inhabitants of note in your jurisdiction are other low-fi, and human intelligence (or below) artificial life forms who have remained among the citizens after the AI singularity.

Somewhere, there is a crime happening. You’re the law around here, what’s your idea of fun? There’s plenty to keep you occupied. From investigating the death of the man you’re replacing as sheriff to the “white collar” crimes and petty street stuff. It’s up to you what you allow, and who or what you pursue.

With that interesting backdrop, Low-Fi promises the following:

  • Massive non-linear open world
  • Hundreds of crimes and stories to solve and explore complete with branching narratives and dialogue
  • Procedural markets with thousands of purchasable item possibilities
  • Interactive Photo-realistic NPCs
  • 3D positional Audio
  • Augmented Reality within Virtual Reality with multiple overlay programs
  • Companion NPCs (biological and synthetic)
  • Gun-play (Optional)
  • Arcade Mini-games
  • Playable on min-spec VR capable PCs

The Low-Fi Kickstarter has a range of tiers: the first to offer a finished version of the game comes in at $35 CAD (this is excluding an already sold-out Early Bird tier). Higher tiers offer access to the developer’s Discord server, where they say backers can “help shape the game,” as well as “immediate access to the development build of the game.”

The latter bit I found confusing, because “immediate access” will not come until the conclusion of the Kickstarter in October, Renaud has confirmed. Further, the ‘October 2019’ expected delivery date listed in all tiers refers to the development build, while the retail version of the game isn’t expected until the end of 2020, though this isn’t specified on the Kickstarter page.

Image courtesy IRIS VR

The game is being built for PC VR platforms, though there are significant stretch goals (if the project exceeds its funding goal) which would bring next-gen PSVR and Oculus Quest support, along with smaller stretch goals which would add additional music and content to the game:

  • $70,000 – New Licensed Music
  • $80,000 – Unlock the Wastelands
  • $100,000 – LOCKED
  • $120,000 – LOCKED
  • $130,000 – LOCKED
  • $500,000 – Next Gen PSVR Port!
  • $850,000 – Oculus Quest Port!

– – — – –

Renaud ran a successful Kickstarter for Technolust, a similarly-themed VR title, which raised $64,477 CAD (double its goal) back in 2014. The title shipped alongside the launch of the original Rift back in 2016, where it remains available today. Though not a direct continuation, Renaud says that Low-Fi is a spiritual successor to the game.

In developing Low-Fi, Renaud plans to employ the help of several pioneering indie VR developers: Mark Schramm (Gravity LabNighttime TerrorTechnolust), Nick Pittom (Apollo 11 VR, Windlands, Dispatch), and Noah Rayburn (PixelGod), and is further engaging SECRET SIGN and others to give the game an authentic soundtrack.

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  • JesuSaveSouls

    Looks like a more than a game but digital art in vr.Jesusavesouls !

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Technolust was a profound breakthrough for vr and gaming that I feel many had missed out on.It’s one due to be a indie classic.More than some zombie action game with no substance but rather a story driven movie like mystery adventure.

    • Immersive_Computing

      Technolust has aged poorly but still an interesting play through. Lo-Fi is shaping up nicely though…

      • JesuSaveSouls

        Those mini games and the arcade itself are excellent.I remember offering the dev then some ideas to put flying cars in technolust.Delayed but decided by the dev. Sure it wasnt my idea but a future plan anyway.

    • Gonzax

      Technolust is a little masterpiece that I keep playing at least once a year and for me it’s still wonderful, I keep discovering new things every time I play.

      • JesuSaveSouls

        The true need for more meaningful story driven games is apparent and less mindless shooter types.

    • Jarilo

      True, but I can enjoy both. Best even is a good mix, lets hope Low-fi keeps the wonderful sci-fi story driven experience but also tastefully adds action.

    • Totius

      I wish they will make a remastered edition of Thechnolust. A great game, lucking a bit of graphical definition.

      • JesuSaveSouls

        I just got a odyssey first gen and let my cv1 go.Its like all the old games are remastered 4 k games now.In wmr the controllers need special binds sometimes but its still worth it.I picked up mine on ebay for 150 and just two years ago it was 500. Jesusavesouls !

  • Darshan

    Cyberpunk 2077 of VR…If it meets polish and quality of CD PROJEKT RED.

    I believe body carnation is important player needs body..not just hands with camera in place of head in such way where only mirrors and reflective surfaces show face rest player can see the own body…

    • antonio mora

      “If it meets polish and quality of CD PROJEKT RED.”

      Your expectations are a bit high don’t you think?

      • johann jensson

        Yeah, maybe he didn’t express himself like he wanted, language barriers etc.

        But at least this game will give us the Blade Runner atmosphere that we craved in video games for decades that CDPR doesn’t want to deliver. :)

    • Jarilo

      He’s not Polish for that level of polish. lol


    As promissing as this sounds and as much as I would love to have this, the stretch goals seem a bit….off? I mean you get the full game for 130k but a port from PC to PSVR for 370k? And then another port for 350k?
    That makes a PC to Quest port like $720.000! WTF?!

    • Martin355

      Maybe it’s just a way to hint to Oculus and Sony that they’d like some money.

    • Jarilo

      Maybe it’s hard to dumb it down for those ports so he would have to hire John Carmack himself for optimization and he can’t be cheap. lmao

    • JesuSaveSouls

      Lucky Palmer from oculus has the funds from the oculus sale to facebook.It would be nice if that guy would fund that amount.

  • Totius

    Very very excited about this. Technolust is one of my favourite Vr titles.
    I really hope that Oculus will give some massive help. This has a huuuge potential!

  • Immersive_Computing

    Just backed the project, my first time using Kickstarter. Best of luck to the developers.

  • Peyton Lind

    I hope it turns out as promising as it looks. Assuming it ends up being good, I also hope they eventually port it to the Quest regardless of this crazy stretch goal as I imagine it’d sell very well. Look at Red Matter and how it outsold the Rift store version within the first week.

    Same with current PSVR as that has a big install base and I’m sure would sell well on it. Just seems like one would be limiting their sales and growth by only supporting PC.

    • johann jensson

      Porting a game to Quest is not a trivial matter. I needs time and resources (and neutering the game somewhat so that it runs at all). I’m glad they concentrate on delivering a non-downgraded (i hope) game first.

    • Tommy

      Red Matter also sold better because of not having a lot of competition.
      If Quest had Steam’s library, it probably wouldn’t have been as popular.

  • bud01

    Thing to do is hide an Easter egg in game that if you complete it you get a bit coin but make it some insanely complicated and difficult pursuit.

  • johann jensson

    Good indication as to what VR gamers really want. We are tired of cartoony mini-games, and want full immersive story driven experiences with proper game-length.

  • You don’t have a body. Just floating hands. Even VRChat lets you have a full body avatar. So does Lost Echo. It makes a huge difference to see your own body inside the world, and not be a pair of floating, disembodied hands.

    All VR games should give you a body. It is not a difficult thing – as I just noted – and it makes a vast difference in immersion. Why do developers disembody us in the virtual world? It’s awful.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Air brigade out for the quest but on .It is probably the best Flying fighter arcade game I have played.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I would like to do a kickstarter of a full bible episode interactive animated game.A game within a game.Kid gets home from school plys a old type nes with some 8bit bible games like noah or david and goliath.Teleports into the game while playing in a storm and lightening hits the house and send the kid back into the past.Now it becomes a openworld first person like similar art to assasins creed.In the end of the game you get a bonus…the book of revelation.A dystopian future.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I do need to mention I didn’t fund or purchase lowfi because it has a animated woman wearing almost no clothes and is doing very explicit dancing.I showed my wife and let her be the judge of the scene and character and she clearly saw it as very sexual references.Not trying to hurt the game or dev.Would really like to play the game and purchase if those scenes and character was removed.At least cover that character up.

    • adasd

      really? you have to ask your wife what is and isnt sexual? are you a fucking child?
      Nobody cares about your sheltered view on these games, seriously. if youre coming in here to complain about too much nudity and thank anybody cares, you’re a fucking retard.

      • JesuSaveSouls

        So it’s the last train to leave and the on!y way out.Jesus is the only truth to life after death.If you sent Him here He will deny you there.If you won’t forgive you can’t be forgiven.

      • JesuSaveSouls

        Well what’s impossible for man is possible for God.I know and believe you and me can be friends.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    If there was a mod to remove that character it would be great but I think she probably is a .sin character and part of the game.

    • asdfasdfasdf

      fuck off retard

      • JesuSaveSouls

        Be blessed and have a great day and weekend.Praying for you to see the light of God’s love in Jesus God’s Son and my Lord and Savior.

      • JesuSaveSouls

        May you be blessed with peace and joy and so many blessings through the grace of God from Jesus Christ.

      • JesuSaveSouls

        So like the last train out or plane to leave it’s Jesus who is the on!y way off this place.If you sent Him on earth He will do it to you before His Father in heaven.If you won’t forgive you won’t be forgiven.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I cant say anything bad about this dev.Jesusavesouls !

  • Roger Bentley

    Double the amount well then the name should be changed from Low fi to Hi fi now.

  • Jarilo

    Darn, for the Oct.3 update. I was hoping this one would triple the goal if not more. Just want to see it be everything it can be.

  • Isn’t 45000$ just too little for such a big project?