Magic Leap recently announced some new programs that aim to get developers creating for the its AR headset, Magic Leap 1. The company additionally released dates for its developer conference, LEAP Developer Days, which will be held in May at Magic Leap’s headquarters in Florida.

Magic Leap is starting another hardware initiative soon, dubbed ‘Access Hardware’, which aims to get its AR headset into the hands of developers who are “serious about publishing applications with Magic Leap,” the company writes in a recent blog post.

The program is targeting existing developers hoping to release a “quality app in 2020,” which may point to another effort by the company to fill out its library of games, apps, and experiences before an ostensible consumer-facing hardware launch.

The company has thus far delivered $10 million in grants to 33 developers worldwide, and has given away hundreds of its Magic Leap One Creator Edition headsets (now rebranded to ‘Magic Leap 1’).

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Outside of the physical hardware, which has a base price of $2,300, the Access Hardware initiative is also offering support from Magic Leap’s developer relations team so qualifying apps can be published on the platform’s store, Magic Leap World. Developers can apply for Access Hardware here.

“During the application process, we’ll look for things like technical experience, project feasibility, and the overall quality of your submission. Hint: we’re particularly interested in ideas that solve problems and create opportunities for enterprise markets and customers,” the company says.

The company says it will announce more details about developer funding later this year in addition to other support programs for enterprise-focused developers and agencies.

If West Coasters were hoping for a return of LEAP to its inaugural location in Los Angeles this year, they’ll actually need to do a bit of globe-trotting. Slated to take place at the company’s Plantation, Florida headquarters, the company says developers should expect “behind-the-scenes access to help accelerate their development and the growth of their businesses.”

LEAP Developer Days will be divided into two groups, held respectively on May 19-20 and May 21-22. This, the company says, will allow for face-to-face time with its dev relations team, studios, marketing teams, engineers and designers building the core Magic Leap hardware and platform.

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  • aasdfa

    people still care about that thing?

  • Harbiger

    Kudos to RoadToVR for having the tenacity to report on the sleaziest multi-millionaire scammers that infest the industry they so dearly love to report about.

    • Hivemind9000

      Cheap shot. It’s for them to report objectively and for us to decide whether these guys are sleazy or not. If anyone has been scammed it’s other multimillionaire investors (Google et al) and I’m sure they’ll be starting to put the thumbscrews on Rony Abovitz around about now. I’m getting my popcorn ready to watch the fallout…

  • sfmike

    The corporate scam goes on as it continues to hurt the reputation of AR/VR.

    • Minnie

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  • guest

    Beware that Magic Leap will make implied death treats to developers that withdraw their agreements with their company on their website. After not getting any grant nor hardware the last time I just didn’t want to leave the agreement hanging out there and they took it personally with giant red letters on the screen that said that WE WILL SEE YOU ON THE FLIP SIDE!

    • Guest

      Freudian-typo, Magic trick or treat, ha ha

  • The more devices they give for free to devs, the better. The problem is that the the teams should find out what is a use case that makes them profitable, otherwise they just get a free glass that makes them waste time