Manus, the Netherlands-based startup behind a number of VR gloves, today announced pre-order availability for the company’s first professional-level SteamVR tracker.

Called the Manus Pro Tracker, the company says the device is designed specifically for SteamVR-based motion capture, virtual production and full-body VR. It’s primarily designed to work with the company’s Prime II Series Motion Capture and Virtual Reality gloves, however an optional strap set can also allow users to mount it to different parts of the body.

Manus Pro Tracker, which is available for pre-order starting today for €300 ($360), uses the company’s interchangeable battery system which promises up to 4.5 hours of battery life with continuous use. Recharging the battery can either be done over USB-C (one-hour charge time) or by using the company’s Manus Charger dock to recharge multiple batteries.

Image courtesy Manus

“After years of using SteamVR Tracking, we are excited to launch our own SteamVR enabled product,” said Bart Loosman, CEO at Manus. “We have been amazed by the accuracy and ease-of-use of this tracking solution for a long time. As one of the very first companies in the world to get access to the SteamVR technology, we hope to improve the workflow of creative professionals around the world with our very own professional tracker.”

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Manus says its Pro Tracker includes “the latest sensors of its kind” and more sensors than any SteamVR tracker currently available. The obvious point of comparison is the official HTC Vive Tracker, which is notably heavier than Manus Pro Tracker at 62 g, or 44% lighter than the 89 g Vive Tracker. Another upcoming competitor in the space is the Tundra Tracker, which is headed to Kickstarter in March.

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  • Arturs Gerskovics

    too expensive for us consumers

  • Anonmon

    What purpose does this tracker fulfill on that the Vive tracker doesn’t, even for enterprise use? Even someone in the enterprise sector would take one look at this and think it would be stupid to buy this, right? It’s lighter? That’s cool, but it’s not like the Vive trackers are that heavy to begin with. Battery life isn’t that great on these either, like the Vive trackers, though the hotswap nature of the batteries might be useful, but 3x the price useful?
    If the expectation was buying one of these for a given application then the price increase might be stomachable, especially if you’ve already bought into this ecosystem, but when it’s “designed specifically for Motion Capture, Virtual Production, and full-body Virtual Reality”, where you’re going to need to easily buy 3 (6 without existing HMD and controllers), and then up to 11 of these for ONE person depending on the fidelity of capture, which for enterprise use would likely want all the tracking points they can get, the increase in price doesn’t make much sense over just using Vive trackers, or possibly the Tundra trackers depending on how that plays out.
    Competition is good, but this is just silly.

    • HindsiteGenius

      Your correct. Most people including the “pros” will just continue to use their vive trackers until a new product with a suitable price emerges.

      • Vive tracker 2.0 £109.99 currently in stock

        Tundra tracker price TBA availability Q3 ’21

        Currently waiting on Kickstarter for Tundra tracker to open, keen to back the new solution.

        Also have steamVR HDK coming in next week from Tundra for Project Caliper (HSA steamVR motion controller).

        The Tundra Labs team are enabling some great opportunity for developers with the new HDK.

        Best of luck to the Manus team, it’s for a different market though pricing seems high considering the need for multiple trackers?

    • One thing is hot-swappable batteries, that are useful for enterprise, to not stop operation. But for $300, you can buy 3 trackers and exchange them lol :D

    • Elizabeth Tipton

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    • Digitrevx

      This product is targeting people using mocap suits like xsens which are 13k usd. Xsens suits have their own issues and needs which manus is trying to accommodate here.

  • It seems cool, but a bit expensive

  • Doukas-Georgios Rassidakis

    *At 62g, it’s 30,3% lighter than the 89g Vive tracker. The 89g Vive tracker is 44% heavier than the Manus pro tracker.