‘Marble Mountain’ Fuses Retro Arcade Gameplay with VR Immersion

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Lightning Rock is a small development company based in Australia who are working on a retro inspired action puzzler called Marble Mountain who’s Steam Greenlight campaign is currently doing rather well.

If you take Atari arcade classic Marble Madness and mash it up with Sega classic Super Monkey Ball and it does sound like you’d have a recipe for, well, another classic. Add in virtual reality however, and you have something that might re-animate the genre. At least that seems to be the hope of Lightning Rock, the developers behind Steam Greenlight hopeful Marble Mountain.

The title is currently climbing the Steam Greenlight charts, promising VR headset as part of the package but the title has been around on mobile platforms for a little while now – having received releases for both IOS, Android and Windows phone platforms.

Frankly it looks like a scream and as Marble Madness is one of my all time favourite arcade titles, I’m curious to see where VR might take the formula I love. If you are too, head over to their Greenlight page and give them a vote.

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