Mario Kart Arcade GP VR, the location-based VR game first launched at Bandai Namco’s Shinjuku-based VR Zone arcade last year, is taking its first big step outside of Japan soon as it comes to The O2 in London next month.

Mario Kart VR pits four players against each other using HTC Vive headsets, Vive Trackers, and motion platform outfitted with a steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals.

Dodging giant Piranha Plants and Thwomps, you’ll have to watch out for Koopa as you toss the game’s iconic turtle shells and bananas at your fellow racers; participants can play as Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi.

The iconic kart racer is set to arrive August 3rd at the VR Zone London Portal at Hollywood Bowl in The O2.

Image courtesy Bandai Namco

A turn with Mario Kart VR will cost £8 per person. Advanced booking is available by calling the O2 branches phone number, which is listed on Hollywood Bowl’s website.

Both Bandai Namco’s mech fighter Argyle Shift and haunted house sim Hospital Escape Terror are also available at the Hollywood Bowl O2 location.

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  • JJ

    Word around the street is that theres a developer making a Kart racing game similar to mario kart already thats supposed to be pretty good.

    • Sandy Wich

      I’d buy it. Like what’s to lose, right?… Although something like a real legit Mario Kart experience might be a little too fast paced and hectic for lots of VR users… Hmm….

      • jj

        yeah its pretty intense, there may be slower modes like how in mario there are CC levels in cars but im not sure

        • Sandy Wich

          Yea a slow mode would make sense, kind of like a half experience/half game. Where there’s lots of cool vr moments to soak in with slower karts but still some competitive stuff as well. Tbh I wouldn’t doubt if that was the normal mode. But then again I’m used to playing 200cc in MK8 these days XD

    • Jerald Doerr

      I’m in!

  • Sandy Wich

    I had no idea this was even a thing, but from that video it looks more like an, “experience”, than a real MK racing game.

    But maybe that’s the point.

  • mirak

    Lan we could play this at home, that’s so fucking disappointing.
    That would really be a VR Killer app.
    Somebody has to leak that …