New Trailer Shows Marvel ‘What If…?’ Gameplay on Vision Pro, Reveals May 30th Release Date


Marvel’s upcoming What If…? – An Immersive Experience is due to launch on May 30th, a new trailer reveals. Coming exclusively to Vision Pro, the hour-long experience will take players between AR and full VR.

Just a few months after launch, Vision Pro has a handful of interesting native apps, but the upcoming What If…? is set to easily be the headset’s biggest production yet. The new gameplay trailer shows a full blown experience with high quality voice acting and hand-tracking gameplay, and confirms a May 30th release date for What If…? – An Immersive Experience.

We can’t say we’re surprised at the polished production; it’s being developed by ILM Immersive (the immersive narrative division of Industrial Light & Magic, and the same studio that built the very impressive Star Wars: Vader Immortal trilogy) with direction by Marvel Studios.

While the Vader Immortal trilogy eventually launched on several platforms, we know for certain that What If…? will be exclusive to Vision Pro out of the gate. And considering the differences between Apple’s headset and the rest, it seems unlikely the experience will ever reach other platforms like Quest, PSVR 2, or PC VR. We’ll keep our fingers crossed though, because it’s always a shame to have well produced XR content locked to one platform… especially one with a $3,500 entrance fee! At least it’ll be waiting for people when Apple eventually launches a less expensive headset.

As for gameplay, the What If… – An Immersive Experience trailer reveals the experience will take place partly in AR but also jump into full VR during certain scenes, apparently using portals to connect the two realms. Hand-tracking is shown being used both offensively and defensively. It will be interesting to see how the experience handles input in the context of action, because pinching just doesn’t have as much punch as pulling a trigger.

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  • Man I hope this ends-up somehow on Q3 ….
    []^ )

  • Zantetsu

    I believe this trailer shows a hint of some aspects of gameplay that include seamlessly moving between AR and VR. That’s actually a really cool idea, to make the entrance into a VR setting be a more natural (and dare I say it – immersive) method than pulling the headset over your eyes and suddenly being elsewhere.

  • It looks cool. But reminds me those cool experiences that launched on Magic Leap for almost no one to use… I really hope this exclusivity is a timed one

    • XRC

      A sorry problem; platform exclusive or promotional experiences with production values far beyond typical XR software, but sadly not widely shared.

      Two examples come to mind; “Rise of animals with David Attenborough” on Magic Leap 1, absolutely stunning example of roomscale AR done right!

      And “A discovery of witches” by Framestore for Sky VR using Rift CV1 on a brief promotional tour, very powerful stuff…

      I’ve attended many immersive festivals, promotional events and demos where you see something once, but never again…

  • Sky Castle

    I hope it’s only a timed exclusive, because it ain’t worth $3k+

  • bigBlueMango

    Because of the exclusivity, you can be assured someone is copying this idea for the rest of the 99.9% of headset market. Thanks ILM for spending the money for developing something that other producers will create for far less…and used by consumers.

  • Anyone making *ANYTHING* for that Apple joke is doing so simply to advertise to rich suckers. In the case of Marvel, I can see why. They’ve dug themselves such a deep and overwhelming hole, they might have made this entire “Experience” just to advertise their IP to a single person, hoping that one person won’t cancel another 20+ of their projects.