‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Coming to Theaters December 22nd, Official Trailer Here


The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth installment of The Matrix films, just got its first set of teaser trailers that offer a peek at what’s coming to the silver screens in December 2021. Now Warner Bros has released the film’s first trailer.

Update (September 9th, 2021): As promised, Warner Bros has released the first official trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, which reveals a bit more about the fourth film’s basic story.

Thomas Anderson isn’t Neo yet, as he seems to be under the effects of the ‘blue pill’, keeping him perpetually sedated inside the matrix, or rather ‘a’ matrix considering how young the supporting characters are supposed to be. There’s still plenty to learn about the upcoming film (prequel? alternate universe?). We’ll be keeping an eye on the film’s Twitter account to stay up on the latest reveals.

Original Article (September 8th, 2021): It’s been over 20 years since The Matrix (1999) wove its iconic tale of a dystopian future, where humans are suspended in an all-encompassing virtual reality simulation by an enigmatic artificial intelligence.

Now the series’ long-awaited fourth film, The Matrix Resurrections, has a new fan site that lets you chose between the red and blue pill. In the original film, the red pill ejected Neo (Keanu Reeves) from the matrix and into the overworld where humans wage an eternal battle against the AI who imprisoned them there. The blue pill would have sent him back into the shared delusion.

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter which pill you choose—in fact, you should probably choose both so you can get a look at both teasers.

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Keanu Reeves is reprising his role as the film’s savior Neo, aka “the one.” Carrie-Anne Moss is returning too, again playing Trinity. Things aren’t so clear cut though, as timelines seem to indicate that Neo has access to either an alternate version of the matrix, or some way of time-traveling through the monolithic simulation.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Aquaman) appears to be playing the role of a younger Morpheus, who was previously played by seasoned actor Laurence Fishburne, so it seems we’ll be getting a prequel of sorts. According to IMDB, much of the cast are new faces to the franchise, including Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Ricci, and Jessica Henwick. Lana Wachowski is writing and directing; it’s not certain whether sibling Lilly Wachowski will have a credit here.

Whatever the case, we’re sure to get a better look at the official trailer which drops tomorrow. We’ll post an update here, so check back soon.

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  • dk

    blue pill prevents smallpox? …neat

  • Ad

    This is exactly why they probably should have retired this part of the matrix legacy. I can’t tell if you’re a leftist, or a white supremacist or an anti vaxxer or incel or…

    • liquidmental

      The fact you can’t see I’m worried about all of OUR free will and decision making freedoms… makes all of this seem so cartoony and beyond reality

  • trekkie

    What if you eat both the pills?

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    • Warscent

      Then you still get red pilled. Truth wins.

  • RealPoorman

    Yeah you definitely a anti vaxxer lol

    • Kevin White

      I’m not saying you, but it’s amazing how many of the people who were saying there was no way they’d take an untested medication ultra-fast-tracked past safety protocols in fall of 2020 now label anyone who is against vaccine passports or has reservations about taking said medication an “anti-vaxxer.”


      • silvaring

        This party is old an uninviting…. someone should re-invite-MC truth. But would truth and chaos be better than a system of smoke screens and disinformation? Will the world really be better off with non binary tribalist propaganda and groupthink? Are we ready for shades of grey? My tik tok and youtube feeds say no… society is not ready for shades of grey. Perhaps our tech ‘nannycam’ systems are not yet fully developed enough.

    • Warscent

      What is an anti vaxxer?

  • Wild Dog

    Unsubscribing, I didn’t want to see matrix 4 details/spoilers. You’re dead to me UploadVR.

    • Innovation Investor

      LMAO, its a trailer. Get over yourself!!

    • 3872Orcs

      What? Why did you click into this article then or watch the trailer?

      • Wild Dog

        Oh, I said I unsubbed. It was part of a newsletter.

  • dk

    I mean if u don’t care about the health of your grandparents or other people’s grandparents ….that’s cool
    I guess your grandparents r not among the millions of dead …so that’s something I guess

    plus no one is making u take it it’s just incentivized have fun at your next job

    • Kevin White

      No one is “making” you take it, the Federal Government is just motivating your employer to make it a condition of continued employment, systems are being developed to deny unvaxxed people access to public events and travel, and celebrities and Twitter blue checks are openly encouraging the unvaxxed to also be denied access to basic necessities of living as well as advocating for the unvaxxed to be denied healthcare. No biggie. I’m sure that’s as far as it will go, and vax PPs will never be used / abused for any other purposes in an increasingly ideologically split landscape.

  • wowgivemeabreak

    What does this have to do with VR? Also, it’d be nice if more muppets out there would choose the red pill but sadly, most of humanity has taken the blue pill and refuses to take the red pill. Not only that, they basically try and mock those that have taken the red pill.

    Nice thing is many can’t say they weren’t warned when they finally see what us “kooks” were trying to warn them about and those like me will be able to sit back with some popcorn and watch with amusement as they suffer. That may sound harsh but I don’t take kindly to idiots that mock people who are trying to help them see what’s going on out there.

    • asdf

      “What does this have to do with VR?” lol its the matrix…. its the ultimate form of vr, thats what.

    • FrankB

      Another nimrod who thinks he’s Neo and he’s cracked the code. It’s just a movie. Take your long leather coat off and sit the fuck down.

      • VRFriend

        Unrelated to the topic. I was also searching for VR version of this movie.

  • FrankB

    Anti-vaxxers all think they are in the Matrix and only they are the enlightened Neo who took the red pill and can see behind the curtain. I bet a bunch of them even cut about town in ridiculous long leather coats with mirror shades on. The rest of us know its just a pretty fuckin good movie. (well, the first one anyway).

    • Warscent

      Groupthink says anyone that questions the global authority is an antivaxxer….
      Everything is a conspiracy theory …
      Carry on

  • Warscent

    Original Matrix=Fight the system for humanity.
    Matrix Res= Submit to the system and forfeit humanity.
    More woke unimaginative NWO garbage .

  • They would have to do some “Resurrections” because Neo is DEAD. Also, the two warring factions of the machines that were pro freewill and humanity, and against, both settled on a new outlook because of his sacrifice. So why make Neo again? He was a trigger to reset the system, he’s done.

    And I don’t suppose they’re planning on fixing the most STUPID error in whole series, the very idea that recycling human bodies can create perpetual energy?? Recycling people to feed people would be an endlessly diminishing system, and absurd in a world where geothermal power is RIGHT THERE. Maybe some wind power from all of those storms? Recycling people was just so DUMB!

    • Charles

      Surprised I never realized how ridiculous that plot device was. They were using humans as thermal power – how is that even close to the most efficient thing they could have done? They have to constantly produce some kind of food-injection to keep them alive and healthy – but robots have no need for food. And how would they even grow food given that the sun was blocked out? I don’t think they ever said they were feeding humans by recycling their dead bodies, but if that was part of what they were doing, then as you said, that would run out pretty quickly.

    • Warscent

      Because they are primarily utilizing the quantifiable human spirit only possible through sentient beings , not merely human electrical current . Spirituality and science are one and the same .

  • Dirtrot

    lol yet well down Bush lites pound a marbrol red eat thousands of big macs……

    • Charles

      Nobody likes GW Bush. The left has always hated him, the right hates him now, and moderates on the left – well, they’ve all been pushed to the center-right in recent years, and they’ve always hated Bush. Bush has almost no public approval anymore.

  • Twa Corbies

    Hmm, meh