‘Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’ Gets New Action-packed Trailer, Launching This Holiday


The highly anticipated Oculus exclusive, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is finally due to launch this holiday. A new trailer shows the game’s emphasis on both action and narrative.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has been in development by Respawn Entertainment for nearly three years, making it one of the most anticipated Oculus exclusive titles to date. The game is due to finally launch this holiday season.

Today the game got a brand new trailer which gives us a much better look at gameplay and story than anything previously released.

Oculus today revealed the narrative premise of the game along with some other details:

Through VR, players will be transported into the boots of a combat engineer who is recruited to join the OSS — Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the modern CIA created to conduct espionage and sabotage behind enemy lines during WWII. Alongside a cast of new and returning characters from throughout the Medal of Honor franchise, players will experience missions that will take them from Tunisia to across Europe, participating in some of the biggest moments of the war.

A major goal of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is to “to be grounded and emotionally authentic, to be as true as we can to the experiences of people that fought through it and lived through [WWII],” according to Respawn’s Peter Hirschmann, who wrote and directed the original Medal of Honor (1999).

While the latest marketing focuses heavily on the game’s narrative authenticity and single player campaign, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is also planned to have a fully-fledged multiplayer mode, which we’ve unfortunately still not heard much about. With the game due to launch in less than four months, there’s surely more details to come ahead of launch.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is set for holiday 2020, but a more specific release date hasn’t been announced. The game will be available exclusively on Oculus PC.

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  • This Holiday? Which one is the closest to today… hmm… ah, so Sept. 7th then, right? Nice.

    • JakeDunnegan

      Yeah, Labor day is in like a week, right?

  • antonio mora

    Oculus Exclusive?? Oh no…

  • blue5peed

    Whoa this is coming to Quest, interesting. Probably Lone Echo coming to Quest then right? One has to think that is the Idea, not to have any true PC only Oculus exclusives anymore. It’s all about pushing quest. I’m happy if more people play the games I guess.

    • MeowMix

      No. It’s not coming to Quest as a port, it’s a PC game. It’s kinda misleading, but they’re advertising MoH can be played via Quest+Link.
      I’m on a Rift S, so I’m good either way.

  • kontis

    Looks great!

  • MeowMix

    No worries. Ya, YouTube videos can really distort the graphical quality of game footage (which is even more so of an issue with VR games). But I bet the game is going to look great in the headset. For example, on Reddit the Oculus manager for this game said the recommended GPU they’re shooting for is the GTX 1080 (the game will still work on lower end GPUs on lower settings).

  • kuhpunkt

    Fuck Facebook.

  • So sad it’s an Oculus exclusive. These tend to mean exclusive to the Oculus platform for lifetime of game.

    I’d be happy with timed exclusive, release to steam or epic after 6 months?

    Really want to support developers, but not taking risk of buying full price game and using a 3rd party hack (Revive) with no guarantee of compatability.

  • I expected the graphics to be a bit better

    • Pablo C

      yeah, looks like this might not surpass Alyx as well.

  • mirak

    fuck you and fuck facebook

  • Zoide

    The environments look OK, but the characters’ faces and animation look pretty bad…

  • JakeDunnegan

    Though I have an Oculus, I’m not a fan of exclusives either. However, I do look forward to playing/buying the game – it looks like they cover everything.. spies, guns, planes, a Luftwaffe jet, a sub… I mean, dang. I just hope it’s not another one of these $40 to play a game for 3-5 hours deals.

  • Charles

    “A major goal of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is to to be grounded and emotionally authentic, to be as true as we can to the experiences of people that fought through it and lived through WWII”
    There were no female generals in WWII. Quit with the historical revisionism.

  • Alberto Zanot

    what does it mean THIS HOLIDAY?
    summer holiday? winter xmas holiday?

    • Holiday SEASON is Halloween (or Thankgiving) to New Years.

  • Worried VR Player

    While it does look like it’s going to be a great game, I’m a bit worried about WW2 in VR. Of course it’s still just a game, but with the added immersion of VR I see some possible problems arising:

    a) If it is too realistic and gruesome, it won’t be an enjoyable game for most.
    b) If it does not sufficently show the negative sides of war, there is the danger of trivializing and glorifying one of the worst chapters of human history.

    From the trailer, I think they’re mostly going the second route, which makes economic sense for them, but I still think it’s a dengerous thing to do.
    Either way, I think I prefer fighting more abstract or ficticious wars in VR, which don’t have such problems, such as HL:Alyx.