‘Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’ to Take up Around 45GB on Quest 2, Cross-buy Confirmed


Respawn Entertainment and Oculus are taking the PC VR game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond (2020) and slimming it down to fit on Oculus Quest 2 for launch later this year. Make sure to clear out plenty of space though, as the game is slated to take up a around “40-45GB,” the developer says.

Update (October 1st, 2021): Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is said to take up between 40-45GB, which is coming in fairly tight to the 64GB variant’s usable space of 50GB, the remainder of which is used for the OS and system apps.

If you already own Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond via the Oculus Store (re: not the Steam version), you can count on being able to play the game for free on Quest 2 when it launches, Oculus Studios Executive Producer Michael Doran confirmed on Reddit.

Doran further confirmed that it will be coming in a bit cheaper than its original $60 launch price on Rift/SteamVR, and will be priced at $40 when it launches on Quest 2 later this year. The original article announcing the exclusive Quest 2 port follows below:

Original Article (September 29th, 2021): Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond launched on the Oculus PC platform and SteamVR headsets back in December 2020, bringing the storied franchise to VR for the first time.

The Oculus Quest 2 version is said to include the full Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond single player campaign, multiplayer mode, and the living history of The Gallery, a set of live-action documentary shorts featuring WWII vets.

Image courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Out of the games partnered with Oculus Studios, Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond didn’t fare very well out of the gate, having initially garnered middling reviews for a Metacritic score of 67/100. A few months after launch, it still ranked among the worst-rated games when we stacked up the top 25 ‘big bet’ games supported by the company.

In our review [5/10], we noted that Medal of Honor featured a competent multiplayer mode, although its core gameplay pillars and polish were decidedly lacking. Polish to the PC VR version has improved to some degree with subsequent updates, garnering a ‘Mostly Positive’ recent rating on Steam, however the consensus from over 1,400 user reviews leaves it with an overall ‘Mixed’ user rating.

Vision Pro Pricing Tops Out at $3,900 for 1TB of Storage, Pre-orders Open Now

The launch of Medal of Honor exclusively on Quest 2 continues a slow trend of developers pulling back from supporting the original Quest headset, with Resident Evil 4 arriving in October as one of the most prominent Quest 2 exclusives to hit the Oculus Store.

We’re also hoping Respawn has reconsidered Medal of Honor’s $60 price tag. If not, that would make it one of the most expensive games on the platform, coming in at $20 more than the universally-acclaimed The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (2020).

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Well before the first modern XR products hit the market, Scott recognized the potential of the technology and set out to understand and document its growth. He has been professionally reporting on the space for nearly a decade as Editor at Road to VR, authoring more than 3,500 articles on the topic. Scott brings that seasoned insight to his reporting from major industry events across the globe.
  • Leonardo Almeida

    This statement is quite unfair, the game is very good, guaranteed fun in VR. I would give grade 8.5/10

    • Kenneth Mahan

      I totally agree. Its a great game after they fixed some issues after launch

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    • ViRGiN

      it’s very petty of Road to VR to call it like that.
      then again, they will not blink twice for tons of missing features in other games.

      RTVR is basically pro-Valve, pro-Steam, no matter what.

      • Ad

        lol, they recommend the quest constantly and don’t cover a lot of PCVR stuff.

      • Skippy76

        Are you on crack?
        Almost every article is about Quest 2 and games for it!
        I purchased the original MoHVR on the index and it was total shit. The hype was almost as intense as No Man’s Sky but left the majority of seasoned VR players disappointed! It’s really not the first time that AAA devs let VR players down! It’s like they don’t know how VR should be..

    • Sofian

      They are stating a fact, your opinion on the game doesn’t change that fact.

      • MeowMix

        The facts changed as updates addressed many of the release day gripes (which I do agree with UploadVR and RtVR were real gripes).

        • kakek

          The patch corrected technical issues that made the game simply unplayable.
          They did nothing for it’s inherent shortcomings. Mostly related to pacing.

          Although “worts rated” might be a bit harsh … it’s not very good, but it’s not that orrible either.

          • Gonzax

            I absolutely disagree. The first hour was crap but the rest was fantastic.

          • kakek

            Quite possibly. To be fair, I only played like a couple hours. But after that it sat on my library for a while, and I never felt like restarting it because, well, what I had played was boring as hell.
            And then I uninstalled because it’s ridiculously big on PC as well.

            I might reinstall is at some point, and see if I find the time to play through a couple boring hours to see if it becomes better after.

          • Gonzax

            It does get better, a lot better

      • Dragon Marble

        It may be factual. But to use precious space in the tile to remind readers about this fact is quite mean spirited.

        It’s like getting a message from your doorman: “Your ugly friend is visiting.”

        • Raphael

          Facts and truth can help motivate a developer to improve.

          “Polish to the PC VR version has improved to some degree with subsequent updates, garnering a ‘Mostly Positive’ recent rating on Steam, however the consensus from over 1,400 user reviews leaves it with an overall ‘Mixed’ user rating.” << This is fact. Same thing happened with No Man's Pie. If a team is determined and dedicated enough they can turn things around. The problem with many of these AAA VR devs is that they ignore current trends in good VR game design and produce something with clunky mechanics etc. They then produce minimal updates to fix their problems and in some cases blame the poor reaction to "a dying VR market".

          It is up to the developer to improve. They don't need hand holding from snowflakes who don't want the initial game status mentioned.

          • Skippy76

            That is spot on!!
            And exactly the way AAA VR devs have been handling it.
            MoHVR could have been so much better had they hired someone that had experience with VR gun mechanics like Onward. Most of the kick ass VR games have been created by independents!

      • Gonzax

        So their opinion is ‘facts’ and everyone else’s are not??? that doesn’t even make any sense.

        • Sven Viking

          I don’t like the title but they’re not stating their opinion on the game, they’re saying its average review scores are lower than most Oculus Studios titles.

    • MeowMix

      Initial release date gripes were real. But the updates greatly improved the experience. I agree, MoH is a pretty good game, with a fantastic multiplayer. Hopefully it’s Crossbuy (Oculus store), as I’d love to jump back in to play multiplayer with a populated Quest2 player base.

    • kakek

      I kinda agree with roadtoVR.
      It’s not a disaster, but regardless of technical issues, it’s simply not a very good game.
      The gameplay sequence are to short and cut to often by uninspired cutscenes, giving it a very bad pacing. ( The cutsecnes are not very well acted, with issues like on character speach stoping half a second bofore another one cut him off, to long, to static, with no rythm. )
      Beyond that, VR is great for immersion, and I feel like the HL mantra appply to it even more than flat to gaming: Don’t break immersion, take control away from the player as little as possible, don’t cut the continuity. And this game does exactly the opposite. You’re constantly teleported from one place to another, skip ahead in time, frozen in place while people talk around you …

    • Arno van Wingerde

      That is the problem with initial bugs: they cause critical reviews and low ratings, even after fixing the issues. I presume the game would have gotten better results in its current state – but it still seems to be a poor game: 45 GB, much of it spent (wasted) on cut scenes is probably not a good idea. Let’s give the Quest2 version a fair review though!

    • Ryan

      The game is like a bad VR tie in to a Disney movie about WWII. It is constantly reminding you are playing a game and not immersive at all. Clearly made by people who are not enthusiasts and didn’t learn the lessons of Alyx. It deserves the bad reviews in my opinion. Such a wasted opportunity.

    • Raphael

      “Polish to the PC VR version has improved to some degree with subsequent updates, garnering a ‘Mostly Positive’ recent rating on Steam, however the consensus from over 1,400 user reviews leaves it with an overall ‘Mixed’ user rating.”

      • Sinshi Uzumaki

        I think that statement was not in the original article. It may be added today.

  • tomchall

    here’s hoping they can address a lot of the problems with it for the q2 launch

    • kakek

      I’m afraid they won’t.
      Honnestly, what would be needed is the whole “documentary” part to be shortened, streamlined. And the cutscene reworked to be a bit shorter and more dynamic ( or in some case simply removed ).
      I don’t think they’re going to do that.

  • Totius

    I also think that the game is quite enjoyable despite his problems at launch. Nevertheless.. his main problems at launch should be extremely problematic for a port to Quest.. how will they manage to pack the game on a 128Gb HD? It was huge and with very long loading time.. the answer of course will be an incredible downgrade of the graphics which will make the game almos unrecognizable I guess

    • ViRGiN

      Where do you think this footage was recorded?
      It doesn’t look PC at all. This is what we are going to get I guess. It’s Q2 only for a reason.

    • Blaexe

      The size is 40gb to 45gb and there’s literally a trailer. Should be the best looking Quest game so far.

    • 45GB in size.

    • I’d be happy with “Galaxy’s Edge”-level graphics.

  • xyzs

    You will need the Quest 512GB for this one.

    • Sven Viking

      * extra Quest required to store VR interview videos

    • Quest 2 Pro needed

  • MeowMix

    We’re also hoping Respawn has reconsidered Medal of Honor’s $60 price tag.

    The Oculus producer for the game stated on reddit (Quest sub) that it’ll be $40 US.

    • Ad

      Will the PC version have a price cut?

      • Blaexe

        Seems like it going by his statements, yes.

        • Ad


  • Dragon Marble

    Really, Road to VR? This is your title for this breaking news?

    True to your style. But you don’t have to be so mean all the time.

    • Raphael

      What’s mean about the truth? You’d prefer a snowflake headline?

      • adsf

        yes flappy

        • Raphael

          Well that’s ok then isn’t it…

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  • Sven Viking

    At 0:34 in the video: “My lenses aren’t greasy enough. This will fix that.”

  • Ad

    The early game made me just refund it. Maybe I’ll try it on steam again if it goes on sale but with Pavlov’s excellent WW2 multiplayer I don’t know if I have enough reason to buy it for just the campaign.

    I’m sure this will feel a lot better as a product on mobile.

    • The gam ran far better on the Oculus version because it was using the Oculus SDK. Most people who had performance issues used the steam version of the game.

      • kakek

        Nah, the game was horribly optimised no matter the version. The required rig at release was WAY to high.
        But regardless of that, the game simply isn’t very good.

        • Gonzax

          How can you say that when you only played the game for 2 hours?? which has repeatedly been stated everywhere is by far the worst part of the game. After the first main mission the game opens up, cutscenes are more dynamic, there is no interruptions like in the first hour and everything is way better with some truly amazing moments.

          • kakek

            Because I think a game that bore you for the first 2 hours for no good reason already deserve the qualification of “simply not very good.”
            2 Hours isn’t that short, it’s probably close to 25% of the game. Even if I suppose the game magically becomes a masterpiece adter that, it seems like enough of a design flaw to prevent it from being a “very good game.”

          • Gonzax

            The game becomes good after only one hour and that’s far from 25% of the game. Anyway, I’m not trying to convince you about anything, I’m just saying that it’s hard to trust opinions of people who haven’t actually played the game and you haven’t played it, you can’t say you have, can you?.

          • Stuart Burns

            I could imagine if you’re 50% (1 hour) into your refund window, have paid a small fortune (both to buy the game and disk space) I can honestly see why if it’s not putting in a good impression, why you would carry on???
            Learn to not buy day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 lol. It won’t kill ya!

          • Gonzax

            Small fortune? 40 bucks?

      • Ad

        That’s a product failure.

  • JB1968

    IOW This game failed on PCVR so lets try to milk some Quest content hungry users.

  • Squirrel

    Does this mean the PC version is getting downgraded and questified like Onward and Eleven did?

    • kakek

      Probably not, since there’s no crossplay and the PC version isn’t evolving anymore.
      Other games did that so that both version would run on the same base to be cross-compatible and it wouldn’t require to maintain 2 versions in the future.
      But there’s no need for that here.

  • SkywalkerOg#Vaccinated

    Sheesh what a title, i enjoyed the game

  • gkzAxhgh

    I had much more fun with the game than with overhyped Half Life Alyx.

    • kakek

      Really ? the opposite for me.
      Well, must say for a start that I enjoy SF more than WW2. But regardless of that and technical quality ( Even after patch, MoH can’t hold a candle to Alyx in terms of graphism / optimisation ) I feel like HL did a much better job at gamedesign.
      The formula of the serie of continuous play, with almost no cut in player control and continuity, works very well for a support aiming at immersion above all.
      While MoH does almost hte opposite, constantly freezing you while people play around you, then teleporting you to a completely different place and time for a short gameplay section, before interrupting you again.
      I think regardless of the tech and settings, I wouldn’t have liked that.

  • Sven Viking

    Yeah, an Oculus executive producer just said on Reddit: “40-45GB. Exact final size is TBD, but that’s the range.” To be honest I expected them to compact it even more — that must be close to the total usable space on a 64GB Quest 2.

  • Dmacell

    Sadly, I never finished the game. It didn’t seem to keep my attention like the other games in the series.

    • kakek

      Everyone says the first hour or 2 are the worst, and it gets way bbetter after that.
      But personally it bored me so much in that timespan that I simply stopped.

  • Daniel Lingard Leaper

    I’m wondering what its actually going to look like

  • NL_VR

    This is great news for Quest only users.
    I wonder if its crossplay in multiplayer?

    • kakek

      It isn’t. ( official )

  • Talon1

    This was a fantastic game when I played it a few months ago on Quest2 through Airlink, and I have a Nvidia 1070 still (damn crypto miners). It did gum up a time or two but I blame that more on airlink than anything else. The story was nice, the graphics were fine, but the scenarios they put you in were really fantastic, and were what I remember most about the game! 9 out of 10 and this will sell like crazy on the Quest!

  • I wonder if also Lone Echo 2 will come later on to Quest 2 as well

    • kakek

      Lone echo 1 never did. It would have deserved it more than MoH.

  • Nicholas

    Almost above and beyond the quest 2 64 gb storage it seems.

  • Chucky

    45 GB is way too big.
    I wish them to make “The Gallery” a streaming function or an optional download. Better yet, reduce the price of the game and just make it an optional paid addition.
    They need to listen to their customer and stop these bogus actions they’ve been doing.

  • Till Eulenspiegel

    LOL, it looks like a PS2 game, why does it needs 45GB?

    I think they must be using Hi Res 192khz lossless audio with this game.

  • Kenny Thompson

    Any chance I can get the 4gb version…. you know… the one with out the 2d documentary intermission movies included?

  • What the UK price of this going to be?

  • BananaMan

    even with uninstalling all my games i still wouldnt have enough room for the 45 gb requirrment.

  • BananaMan

    Even with uninstalling all my games, i still wouldnt have storage for the 45 GB requirement