‘Resident Evil 4’ for Quest 2 to Release October 21st, Extended Gameplay Trailer Here


Just in time for Halloween, Oculus announced today that the VR port of the award-winning survival horror game Resident Evil 4 (2005) is set to release on October 21st.

Resident Evil 4 is arriving exclusively on Oculus Quest 2 (re: not the original Quest) when it launches next month. The game has been completely reworked for virtual reality in the first-person by Capcom, Oculus Studios, and Armature Studio.

The last time we got a look at the game was back at the Oculus Gaming Showcase in April when a few pre-alpha clips were unveiled. Now the developers have tossed out a new extended gameplay trailer (above) and a few more images to go along with it too.

There’s still only a smattering of info out there, however the team reiterated today that there will be a few notable options to choose from to make the experience fit your playstyle.

Resident Evil 4 for Quest 2 is said to have both standing and seated modes, and locomotion options will include teleportation, room-scale movement, and smooth forward movement via the analog stick. A full upper-body rig will also allow for dual-handed interactivity, Armature says, letting you swap out weapons by grabbing them off your body.

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As a part of the whole first-person rejiggering of the game for VR, the team has smartly re-engineered weapons and items to be physical objects, which ought to make handling them a more immersive experience. As a result, pulling levers, moving puzzle pieces, and physically loading weapons make it look like a VR-native experience.

In the new trailer you can also get a glimpse at a good slice of the bloody carnage, something that’s bound to be gruesome in VR. We’re just hoping the developers have found a way to make cutscenes just as enthralling as the new gameplay footage, because there’s a pretty substantial amount of those in the original game and they have the potential to hinder immersion to some degree when directly ported as video files to VR games. Whatever the case, we’ll be getting our hands on the game before launch for our patented deep-dive review.

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  • silvaring

    I don’t know, I trust Capcom and their partners to adjust the difficulty accordingly, but it looks a bit rough visually. What do you guys think?

    • Sebastian Piotrowski

      I was just thinking the opposite… – to me it looks suprisingly good (for the quest2 “standalone” game of course :)). And btw about the same as original, what would mean we will have a “real” games available on the platform pretty soon… – about year 2037-40 on Quest 7-8… XD

      • Fra

        I played stadia on q2, how do you do?

    • Adrian Meredith

      it looks exactly like re4 so yes quite dated, I’d have prefered a pcvr version of re4 remake when that inevitably comes

    • Jeff Axline

      I thought for a Quest game it looks very nice. The boat part looked a bit rough but squeezing this game onto phone chip VR is pretty amazing.

      • Dora Wolff

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    • Chris Handzlik

      My thoughts exactly. Looks a bit like something out of 99. Shame they went Quest2 all the way. Not that much to play with. Hopefully they’ll take advantage of unique VR capabilities – although looks like next zombie shooter

    • I had the same impression. It looks like a PC game from twenty years ago. But as a developer I can tell you that Quest is terrible to show good graphics, the processing power is really limited. They did a decent job with this game.

    • I think it looks exactly like the Gamecube original, no more, no less. I don’t know what else anyone would expect… especially on Quest 2.

  • Alan Senseney

    “arriving exclusively on Oculus quest 2” this saddens me… pcvr players rip

    • I would guess it’s a timed exclusive. Hard to imaging a company as big as Capcom not making ports to all systems eventually to maximize profit. Fazbook probably just payed to get it first… like Myst and Blair Witch, both of which are now on PC.

      • Alan Senseney

        oh that is some better insight. Any chance you have experienced Myst and Blair witch on Quest and PCVR? Wondering the vastness of improvements between the standalone and PC power VR.

  • JB1968

    The outdated graphics doesn’t seem to create any “horror” feeling. Won’t be missing this game.

  • I wanted more blood, I hope there will be some gore in the game. Resident Evil is not a game for kids…

    • MollieCrawford

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  • Well this just looks cool as ****.