Meta Quest 3—already available for pre-order today starting at $500—is slated to arrive at doorsteps come October 10th. Like Quest 2, the company’s latest and greatest features an all-white design, but for the first time Meta is actually offering some color customization accessories that look to make this three-eyed headset even more flashy.

There seems to be a pattern here: Quest (2019) was black. Quest 2 (2020) was white. Quest Pro (2022) is black. Quest 3 is…white… again. Sort of.

Meta unveiled an avalanche of accessories for Quest 3, and among them is the $50 optional Quest 3 Facial Interface & Head Strap kit, which provides a replacement fabric facial interface and a color-matched, flexible head strap.

While you’ll probably have to head to aftermarket companies (please D-Brand, make it happen) to cover up the main bit, the Quest 3 Facial Interface & Head Strap kit can get you started out of the gate, available in ‘Elemental Blue’ and ‘Blood Orange’.

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You can nab these two accessories and a host of others starting today, including things like a charging dock, the usual flavors of battery and non-battery Elite headstraps, an official carrying case, and replacement bits galore. Pre-orders launch today over on Meta’s website, but will also likely have availability through online retail partners Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

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Connect 2023 kicks off today, taking place September 27th and 28th at Meta’s Menlo Park headquarters. There’s been a ton of news already, so make sure to follow along with Connect for all of the latest XR stuff from Meta.

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  • Naruto Uzumaki

    sounds smart until you realize you lock at the screen inside it and not at the headset

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Shame they went with a white front again, black is much nicer, especially with these 3 large black camera slots on the front.

  • ozzytheman20

    Yeah, not paying for aesthetics when you’re looking inside the headset. Wish they had gone with black also.