Meta announced it’s starting to roll out its v63 software update for Quest, which includes two new features: a new parent-controlled payment method for Quest content purchases and the ability to use Quest 2 and Quest Pro while lying down.

The company says it’s soon going to merge existing Meta Quest gift card balances into the newly announced ‘Quest Cash’, which allows parents to monitor and control their teen’s spending in VR and enables users to gift or request Quest Cash.

The second headlining feature to v63 is the ability to use Quest while lying down, which you’ll find in the ‘Experimental Settings’ tab, labeled ‘Use Apps While Lying Down’. The accessibility feature is only set to be available for Quest 2 and Quest Pro—there’s no word when we can expect it on Quest 3.

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As with all Quest updates, v63 is expected to roll out gradually over the next few weeks. While the company has published release notes for v63, they only specify those two features.

If the Public Test Channel (PTC) release of v63 was any indication though, we may also see a few more things coming our way eventually, including some quality of life improvements to 2D Android apps accessibility, as well as the removal of scoped storage on Quest, which will make modding Quest-native games significantly more difficult.

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  • Very strange to release a new feature like lying down on only old headsets, but I aint complaining, since that’s what I currently have! XD

  • Parkerthon

    Everything about the parental controlled user experience is so rough and inconsistent. It changes the whole headset experience for the user(can’t cast, have to pick your subaccount every time when putting on headset with no passthrough). But let’s focus on reporting of what they’re spending? Thanks, but I won’t implement these controls on my kids’ accounts because it breaks the general experience in weird ways. A report on their spending isn’t going to help. That’s an easy thing to fix as a parent anyway. There’s a multitude of ways to limit money they spend that doesn’t involve a service. What a weird use of development resources. I really want to meet who is running this team. They should talk to parents for a change.

  • Octogod

    Lying Down Mode was also previously released and then pulled around v52. It’s a cool feature and I hope it stays this time.

  • ViRGiN

    I spend most of my time in VR with my hand between my legs already, so now I can do so in lying down mode means I can pretend for real that I’m having sex!

    • Gabe Zuckerwell

      Sadly weeb bradley worshipers be like

  • Why can’t I lie down with my Quest 3??