Microsoft’s Xbox One console has been at the centre of some persistent rumours in the run up to this year’s E3 Expo, will MS respond to Sony’s PlayStation VR head start by announcing a partnership with another headset manufacturer? Or will they choose to focus on core gaming exclusively and continue to bide their time? Find out by watching the event live stream, due to kick off at 9:30am PST.

Microsoft hasn’t yet tipped their hand on plans for virtual reality and Xbox, but the rumored Xbox 1.5 (AKA ‘Scorpio’) may have something to do with it.

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It seems unlikely that Microsoft can afford to ignore VR forever, especially with Sony pushing PSVR as a major selling point for their would-be customers. Microsoft needs to get on board with VR and they need to do it quickly. Given their close relationship with Oculus on the Windows and PC side of things, it seems like the Rift on Xbox could be a natural fit to bring VR to the platform ASAP, before Sony can use it to gain a further lead in the console wars. We’ll find out soon as the company prepares to take to the stage in LA for its E3 Xbox event. Live stream begins at 9:30am PDT / 12:30 PM EDT / 16:30 GMT and should appear below.

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