Microsoft Flight Simulator seemed like the ideal candidate for VR support when it was unveiled back at E3 2019 in June, however word got out at E3 that the studio hadn’t fully committed to supporting VR headsets at launch. While day-one support is still up in the air, the studio says it has indeed included VR support in their development plans thanks to community feedback.

Speaking to AVSIMhead of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jörg Neumann reveals that although VR support wasn’t initially on the drawing table, that they’re trying to make it a possibility.

“It honestly wasn’t our plan [to support VR], but we are listening, and we heard it, so we will try our darnedest to make it happen,” Neumann explains. “Whether or not we’re going to pull it off for launch, […] we can’t commit to that at this point in time, but we have the desire.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator is slated to release on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs sometime in 2020.

“Given that we genuinely want to make the sim that simmers want, we will try to prioritize that over other things,” Neumann continues. “In general, that is our outlook. We made a plan years ago of what we’re making, and we’ll adjust our plans based on feedback that we’re getting.”

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You can listen to the entire audio of the interview with Neumann and CEO and co-founder of Asobo Studio Sebastian Wloch here, which touches how the project started in 2016, and more details on the inclusion of real-world weather, traffic and imagery to the sim.

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  • Shem

    At this day and age who’d want to play it any other way?

    • Raphael

      Unfortunately flat-earth gamers are still a thing and they think a triple monitor or projector image is the greatest tech ever.

      • antonio mora

        “flat-earth gamers” lmao! g1

        • Raphael

          Yes, I’ve been calling them that for a year now and a friend of mine who also uses VR abbreviates it to “FEG”.

        • JesuSaveSouls

          Yeah they believe vr and 3d games are not real but only 2d side scrollers are real.

      • JesuSaveSouls

        Flat earth isn’t real ?

        • Raphael

          According to jesus it’s fake.

          • Jonathan Winters III

            pre-emptive strike ;)

      • JesuSaveSouls

        I never could understand that.Buying like a physical plane body to put in your room and using all those flight controls to make the game realistic instead of just saving time,money and space and playing it on vr.

      • Jeremy Walcott

        What’s so bad using a monitor I use VR and I don’t like it for simulators,hope this one is different.Vr is not special tech in my book,flight simulaton will get real when I’m able to throw up while flying and feeling the forces of the plane which VR don’t give.Its not special,you guys make it seem like it magically changes everything

        • Raphael

          Why are you even here? Clearly you don’t get VR at all. It’s really not worth my time trying to educate you on something you should be able to figure out for yourself given that you apparently have VR. Unfortunately you represent the downside of VR heading towards mainstream and becoming accessible to all… It falls into the hands of people who don’t really understand it. Back when I started with vr in 2006… It was owned pretty much exclusively by enthusiasts.

        • Javed Asghar

          But the flat monitors do give those feelings? hmm ok.

        • raeldor

          My instructor said the downside of simulators is that you don’t get into the habit of checking the airspace around you. VR should allow you to do that and get you into better habits. Downside is you don’t get to touch real controls and instruments.

    • JesuSaveSouls

      Unless they skip vr and go one step further like offering real actual flying

      • MadHenGSH

        not everyone has the chance to fly beyond the PPL though..

        • JesuSaveSouls

          Much safer in games too.That guy who designed flyinside ,daniel church did something remarkable making fsx fully vr.

    • mrsilent3051 Nonya

      Those old retard AVSIM dummies who still live in the 1990s

    • Moe Curley

      Now that Vr exists you can’t really call a non-VR app an actual “simulator” anymore. It’s not really simulating the environment it just presenting a cross section of it.

      • Jeremy Walcott

        That’s such a stupid thing to say,a flight sim is about learning instruments and procedures.Not some ridiculous headset won’t change everything.You want to fly and have realism get a ppl or take a discovery flight

        • Moe Curley

          Stating an opinion is just stating an opinion. Calling someone stupid is a punk stupid thing to do.

        • Moe Curley

          Why are you doing at a site dedicated to VR if you think VR Headsets are ridiculous?

  • gothicvillas

    Without VR it is just a pretty picture frame on your desk.

    • VR4EVER

      BADUM TSS!

    • Raphael

      Yes, flat and lifeless, miniature and compressed.

  • blue5peed

    Talk about incredulous you’d think VR was a foregone conclusion for a flight sim. Also does this mean Xbox has no VR strategy for the next console generation? Sony and Nintendo are going to have a field day if that is the case.

    • Jonathan Winters III

      Good insight – and very revealing that MS is still off the VR train.

  • Raphael

    ““It honestly wasn’t our plan [to support VR], but we are listening, and we heard it, so we will try our darnedest to make it happen,”” <<< This statement should worry VR users. The dev site stated VR support was planned and then last week the youtubers started reporting no VR support at launch and only a vague maybe down the line.

    A development team should be clued in on the competition…

    DCS World
    IL-2 all support VR.

  • GunnyNinja

    I don’t fly without VR. I’ve been a FS fan since before it was on PC’s and have had every version of it since. As much as I want this one, I don’t see me flying it on a monitor. I can wait until they figure it out.

  • Stupid Microsoft. What else is new. And I like Microsoft, but they are missing the boat on VR.

  • Rosko

    If x-plane 11 runs at single figure fps then surely it would be next to impossible to run this?

    • Rudl Za Vedno

      x-plane 11 has old shitty game engine. It only uses one CPU core. 8C/16T CPU will be a norm by the time FS is released as it will be in SP5/new XBOX in combination with 14 TFlops GPU (todays 2080 Super equivalent). Anything below these specs will be outdated hardware by 2021 as console devs develop game engines to new consoles capabilities. Mainstream PC hardware will have to do catch up. GPUs like 1660TI/2060/2070/5700 will be gaming history by 2021.

      • Jonathan Winters III

        One core? Are you serious? That’s ridiculously archaic!!!

    • Raphael

      The performance requirement has dropped somewhat by performance boost features like ASW and the steam version designed to lower the hardware requirements. Thus a flight sim can be perfectly smooth in VR at 45 fps.

      There really is no excuse for not delivering VR. They could also deliver a massive performance boost by utilising VR hardware features built into Nvidia GPUs. VRworks brings big performance gains. Vulkan would boost drawcalls significantly as well. DX11 is outdated and loses significant amounts of performance from a GPU.

    • crim3

      I would feel more confident if this new engine were build on DirectX 12, but not, still DX11 tech : /

  • Arcticu Kitsu

    Well, its better than hearing developers whine and moan how “hard” it is to implement VR, or how there is low population when they should instead support VR to grow a market. I’m confused by the comments below, yet happy to hear that the developers shall force a VR out for Flight SIm. I guess I do agree it may be shady for profit, its something they should do regardless.


  • sebrk

    It’s either me or Microsoft who in 2019 has the market wrong. I’m sure VR is a far cry from the general player base but then MS Fly Sim isn’t released every year and last time I checked VR is where it is at when it comes to sim. Who the F wants to sit with five monitors playing sim when VR makes it about 2000 times better even in lower resolution? It is all about immersion and 2D has nothing on that.

    • dogtato

      it not only isn’t released every year, it was basically cancelled. This is a big comeback for the series and has a lot of cool tech, namely that it will have a high quality map of the whole planet. maybe they overlooked it because vr wasn’t a consumer product when the last version released

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Great news!

  • Sounds a little half hearted so won’t hold my breath on this one. Remember that Ark Survival Evolved and Subnautica devs said the same thing before launch to pull VR people in but then delivered a rather weak VR implementation.

  • dogbite

    As one who went VR because of flight and racing sims and has never gone back, if no VR then no sale here. With most simmers flying DCS, Il2. Aerofly and Xplane. all of which have added VR support. I think MS is missing the boat if they don’t do VR. I mean the terms simulation and virtual reality are like almost synonyms.

  • Pete Sparks

    Of course its going to happen. Its a smoke screen before they drop it with the next gen 2020 xbox and PCs.

  • Emmanuel Anthis

    For me personally, if FS comes anytime in the future with VR support, it will be time to make a nice huge rig with the best in that time VR headset, just for playing FS!!!!