‘Mixture’ Combines Classic Hack & Slash with First-person Spellcasting, Coming to Quest 2 & PSVR 2


Indie studio Played With Fire announced a new action-adventure game this week called Mixture, which lets you control two characters at once, or what the Poland-based indie calls “self-co-op.” The game is slated to release on Quest 2 and PSVR 2.

In the same vein as Moss (2018), Mixture tasks you with controlling a pint-sized character named Sola, a so-called ‘Moth Knight’, while you take on the role of ‘The Alchemist’, a powerful magician who can cast spells to help Sola along her way.

Sola is equipped with a wing-like cape which lets her perform dashes or spread her wings and glide through the air. Serving up some pretty classic hack & slash action, Sola’s main weapon is the scythe, which is used for slashing and stabbing combos, but also lets her climb vertically on coarse surfaces and sharply change directions midair.

Image courtesy Played With Fire

As The Alchemist, you craft magic by hand with base elements found in the environment and form them into bottled mixtures using a hand gesture system. The game promises a range of effects, including offensive, tactical, and problem-solving spells.

Played With Fire says Mixture is aiming to create a Metroidvania-style progression system played out in five unique biomes it says will be full of “challenges, combat, and secrets culminating in epic confrontations with giant bosses.”

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Known for VR adventure game Stargaze (2020), the studio says in an Oculus blog post that with Mixture its wants to combine “the fast reflexes of hands in VR action and the manual crafting and casting of alchemy with our love of classic metroidvanias and stylish action games, which make use of a fully visible avatar to underline the hero’s amazing and cinematic combat abilities.”

“The amount of fun, real-time interplay between two characters presented from two joined POVs is something unique to VR and something we wanted to explore,” said Played With Fire CEO and Lead Programmer Bartłomiej Szydło.

There’s no release date on the books yet, however the studio says we can expect to see it on Quest 2 and PSVR 2.

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  • ViRGiN

    before pcvr elitists gets triggered, their previous PCVR title had a peak of 3 (THREE!) concurrent users back in 2020. there is absolutetly zero reason for them to release it on PCVR. especially when the latest steam hardware survey clearly shows HUGE DROP in overall PCVR users.

    PCVR is dead. Yay!

    • Fabian

      If noone wanted to play that game than probably because it was utter garbage.
      That huge drop in PCVR users does not exist, learn to read.

      • ViRGiN

        i don’t know man, gorilla tag is #5 on pcvr.
        zenith peaked at 4493 players in january. last 24h peak – 49. pcvr statistics.

        don’t tell me to learn to read, cause maybe you should start getting informed. valve notoriously falsily all their stats. no developer has saw any uphike in sales or player base on pcvr. none.

        • draez

          I mean, I guess they could lie for whatever reason. I don’t think it gains them anything if they did or did not fudge the numbers given the number one headset is not theirs. Also, with as many Quest2 sales that have been reported you would think a good portion of those have been hooked up to PCs for what is essentially free PC VR to boot.
          Knowing that, I would think there is a decent amount of PC VR players on Steam at any one time.
          The problem is there are so many PC VR games that the numbers dont add up to much for a single game except when games first come out as everyone will be checking it out at roughly the same time frame.
          Still, the smart money for VR developers is on a platform specifically for VR since you essentially have a captive audience so i dont blame them.
          ViRGiN: Can you point me to the article that says there hasnt been a uptick in pcvr games? I’d like to read it just to see what it says. I like statistical articles related to stuff. It reveals a lot about what’s going on behind the scenes if you can play around with the numbers they refer to.

  • Richard R Garabedian

    i cant stand to look at the horrible graphics ..but mostly its the god awful color palette that turns me off. I cant watch this