Meta Quest is getting an official Gundam VR experience, which its creators describe as a feature-length “immersive anime.”

Revealed at Anime NYC by Bandai Namco Filmwork and XR studio Atlas V (Gloom Eyes, BATTLESCAR), Mobile Suit Gundam: Silver Phantom is set to be much more than an interactive narrative experience, it seems.

“This is not a game, nor is it just a narrative experience—it’s an immersive adventure
that leverages the best of both worlds. The future of interactive anime in VR is coming,” said co-founder of Atlas V Pierre Zandrowicz.

“We’re taking a unique approach creating an interactive anime that brings the Gundam
universe to life in an unparalleled way. It’s a narrative journey, inviting you to step inside the story like never before,” said Kiichiro Inoue, Deputy General Manager at Bandai Namco Filmwork.

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We’re still waiting for a full reveal—the trailer really only shows off the name and the fact that it’s coming to Quest at some point. There’s also no release window on the books.

The studios say we should however get a “special unveiling” of Mobile Suit Gundam: Silver Phantom at the Gundam Fan e-Festival starting November 23rd.

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  • Anonymous

    Finally! It is such a strange thing that it took Japan SO LONG to leverage their IPs, when VR’s success in Asia and a part of NA, EMEA dependent on Japanese contents.

    Gundam would have been the perfect selection for a Japanese VR game. Although this still isn’t it, being just an interactive movie, it is nonetheless a good start. The only worry is how they will present it and don’t make some n00b dev mistakes. For example it is now largely known that not giving player free control of camera tends to be a one-way ticket to immediate nausea.

  • Arcticu Kitsu

    It’s a good step forward, they however have to make it a full-fledged VR game. They need to make it so you can exit and enter a mobile suit while using ‘Gundam Battlefield Record 0081’ (PS3) as their stepping stone. People desire what Gundam Battlefield Record had, just in VR, and updated to 2024 standards.

    I’ve been saying for years Bandai-Namco needs to stop being lazy, yet they keep taking the constantly “safe” way out.

    I’m just a # to these game studios, yet wish they would just do the actual proper thing. They need to do what indie game developers keep trying to do.

    • Anonymous

      Well depends on what you define as a game tho. The did say it is interactive so I am guessing could be something similar to Altdeus VR visual novel by MyDearest.

      A full-fledged VR Gundam game still has many trial and errors to do in order to feel like piloting Gundam (high maneuverability but less realistic), and not a traditional western mech that is more of a cumbersome beast (albeit way more realistic and practical).