Long Awaited ‘Moss: Book II’ Announced for PlayStation VR


Initially released back in 2018, Moss is an acclaimed third-person VR platformer that was presented as a ‘first chapter’, ostensibly to be followed up quickly by a second. More than three years later, Moss: Book II has finally been announced. For players who enjoyed the game and have been patiently waiting for more—it’s about time!

Announced today during PlayStation’s State of Play presentation, developer Polyarc is finally taking the veil off of Moss: Book II. Although we don’t yet know if it will launch this year, it’s existence is at least finally confirmed with an announcement trailer:

Given the announcement during PlayStation’s State of Play, it is assured that Moss: Book II will launch on PSVR, but we don’t yet know if the game will come to other platforms. The original game was a timed-exclusive for PSVR, but eventually made its way to SteamVR, Oculus PC, and Quest.

Moss: Book II is, as the name implies, a direct extension to the original game. The trailer shows that players will take on the same third-person perspective as the original, controlling Quill, the mouse protagonist, from afar while occasionally interacting with the world directly to help her along the way.

We reviewed the original Moss favorably back in 2018, calling it “an artfully crafted game that you will want more of,” with our biggest complaint being that its length felt more like an appetizer than the full course we were hoping for. At the time we hoped that Polyarc could “follow through with their (apparent) plans for timely episodic installments to the world of Moss,” but despite the game’s acclaim, here we are more than three years later with the sequel only just announced.

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Hopefully that gap has given the studio time to hone its tools and craft, and Moss: Book II can deliver a meatier experience that leaves us satiated rather than hungering for the next bite.

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  • xyzs

    That’s the news I was patiently waiting for so much !!

  • kakek

    In devellopent for PSVR
    Captured on PC.

    Considering we all know they had no obligation to add that line, I’m pretty sure it’s a way of saying they have every intention of releasing it in PC as soon as the time exclusive ends.

    • Zerofool

      Yup. In an interview with Upload, one of the main devs said this when asked about it:

      As for other platforms? Nothing’s being officially announced beyond PSVR but Stiksma says Polyarc is “absolutely excited to get Moss in the hands of as many players as we can” so, let’s be honest, Quest and PC are safe bets.

    • Probably also because PSVR 1 is very limited, so the capture on PC has much better results

    • mirak

      aren’t the devleopping console games on PC with a developpement kit ?

  • sfmike

    They can’t get us the PSVR 2 fast enough. I’m so over the horrible controllers and tracking but the games they get are top notch.

  • I can’t wait for it! Let’s hope it won’t become the new Lone Echo II… :P

  • mirak

    The narated story is so uninteresting in this game.
    It breaks the game flow which is pretty good.

  • I’m very excited to play… the PCVR version!

    Seriously, even if the PSVR2 existed, who has a PS5?