ICAROS is a Munich-based VR health startup that produces a unique motion platform which simulates flying in the prone position, something the makers say can provide a real workout. The company recently announced it’s completed a funding round in the “mid-seven figures” from Austrian private venture company Segnalita.

The system is composed of the Icaros motion platform and integrated controller, and includes dedicated apps supporting Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. The company’s apps include VR experiences such as flying, diving, free falling or competing with other Icaros pilots all over the world in the company’s own ICARACE, a multiplayer online race.

The company’s latest financing round will allow them to “tap into new markets and, above all, to advance our research and development work in the health segment,” says Icaros co-founder and CEO Michael Schmidt. Financing is also earmarked to help productize the Icaros consumer version (Icaros Home) for its Summer 2018 launch, and continue development of its online platform.

While it sounds like fun and games, the company says its ultimate vision is to “provide the most motivating and health promoting training experiences to combat our society’s sedentary lifestyle,” saying that the system is already is use in the health sector in areas such as physiotherapy.

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“ICAROS provides completely unique, promising products that brilliantly combine sports, fitness and gaming, which is very much in line with the times. We are now enabling the company to keep growing within the existing segment and make the products accessible in the medicine sector,” said Bernhard Letzner, managing director of Segnalita.

The company’s enterprise-focused device, Icaros Pro, starts at €8,400 (~$9,800) before taxes and shipping. There’s currently no public pricing available on the upcoming consumer version Icaros Home, although we’re hoping to learn more when it releases this summer.

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  • Mopar Onine

    Looks interesting. I’m sure being in a plank position can aid in working out your core. I’m curious to know what the average time to holding that position is. When I do planks I can hold myself in that position for approximately 8 minutes before I start to feel uncomfortable. It’ll be interesting if the entertainment element increases that time due to the mind being focused on fun instead of pain.

    • brandon9271

      It’s much easier resting on your knees. Still a workout I’m sure.

      • Omar Ceja Salgado

        I tried it at a convention. The real workout is when pulling up because you have to use your abs for that. For the most part you’re just resting on your arms and knees. It can be a bit hard to keep balance.

  • NooYawker

    First thought, Lawn mower man. Second thought, sex table.

    • brandon9271

      Seeing the female model my first thought was.. your second thought. Lol

  • mellott124

    Are these the Birdly guys? Reminds me of their platform.

  • Davo

    VR “Heath” Device in Title ?

  • JJ

    Here purchase our multi-thousand dollar, living room sized, mounted equipment to use with your 10$ VR phone HMD and mobile vr…..

  • impurekind

    Ha, it’s like the sequence in The Lawnmower Man–but just not as good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCxFGxqLsHE

  • Darshan

    Wonderful… Why to show Gear VR when Oculus GO is available at much lower price point, have much better optics and more refined experience.

  • I dunno about you but I sweat in my goggles when I’m sitting down. I’d like to see their sweat collection technology for when actual exercise is involved!

    • JJ

      THIS! At ces this year there was a whole company/booth dedicated to fitness in vr and using the vive headsets. none of the workers would even comment on the sweat issue. Because they knew they didnt have the tech to overcome it yet rendering their business useless. I’ve tried so much to increase my play time thats reduced by sweat.

      • G-man

        its called a bloody towel. we’ve had the technology for a little while now.

  • rtheron

    Typo in the article Title?!?!?!… do editors not exist anymore?