Motorola today unveiled their latest phone, the Moto Z2 Force Edition, and alongside it will come a 360-degree camera that the company says snaps onto any phone in the Moto Z lineup.

Launching with the Moto Z2 Force on August 10, the little Moto 360 Camera is a part of Motorola’s ‘mods’, or magnetically attached hardware add-ons which include speakers, a better camera, wireless charging shell, battery case, and projector. Mounted on a similar magnetic backing, the camera easily snaps onto Motorola’s range of Moto Z phones.

Motorola is remaining tight-lipped on the specifics, but according to the website, the 360 camera will do 4k video with positional audio—not much specs-wise for something already in pre-order for $299.

image courtesy Motorola

What we do know is the company is launching an app for on-the-go photo and video editing. The emphasis here is quick sharing, as the app will let you share straight to social media or live stream in 360. For those times when 360 doesn’t fit the moment, the camera will also allow you to take 150-degree ultra wide-angle shots.

stitching lines, photo courtesy Motorola

If the 360 images and video published on the phone’s order page are any indication, the little phone-mounted 360 cameras looks to include some pretty capable stitching in certain situations. The impromptu photo however is bound to come with an unsightly hand at the lower register, something you should be able to avoid with the help of a hand-held gimbal (like they use in the promo videos).

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