Co-op Sci-fi VR Shooter ‘From Other Suns’ Open Beta Weekend Begins


The free open beta of From Other Suns, the multiplayer shooter from Gunfire Games, has arrived. You’ve got the entire weekend to test this interesting co-op space-faring action-adventure game.

Update (9/29/17): The From Other Suns open beta weekend is here. Have at it!

Oculus quietly announced the news, releasing word of the open beta with no other general release dates. The game’s open beta weekend will start September 29th and go until October 1st, coming exclusively to Rift.

We got a chance to play a demo of From Other Suns when it first debuted at this year’s GDC, with Road to VR’s Executive Editor Ben Lang drawing some clear similarities to the much beloved rogue-like FTL: Faster Than Light.

From Other Suns aims to recreate the same sort of challenges and gameplay found in FTL—multiple crew members, permadeath, procedurally generated events and environments, ship management, and more—in a VR adventure FPS that’s built from the ground up for three-player co-op.”

Lang calls the pacing “a little slower and more deliberate than some VR FPS games out there, but that’s intentional,” saying that it plays “much like a dungeon crawler.”

Gunfire Games has produced a number of well-received VR games, including two very different action RPGs; Chronos (2016) and Herobound: Spirit Champion (2016), and western shooter Dead and Buried (2016).

Here’s what Gunfire had to say about From Other Suns:

Your own ship. A crew. Steady work. Things were going well until the Collapse. Now you and half of humanity are trapped on the far side of the wormhole with ruthless pirates, scheming corporations, and worse—new threats from outside known space. There’s danger at every jump on this side of the wormhole. You and up to two of your friends will tour the sector, upgrading your ship, stockpiling weapons, and fighting for your lives. And when you all die, you’ll discover new challenges in your next playthrough.Fight and try to save humanity, or just joyride through the galaxy until its extinction. Your call.

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  • J.C.

    Welp, there goes my interest in this game. Somehow I didn’t see it was Rift only.

    • PJ

      Revive works great, being playing coop with my Vive using mates, I’m on Rift

  • PJ

    Slow, but very fun in coop, would of liked it to have some PvP elements, but it’s really good!

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    Bojler eladó!