Cyan, the studio behind iconic puzzle adventure games Myst (1993) and Riven (1997), garnered their fair share of success with their April 2019 Kickstarter campaign, which sought to bring to life their next VR-compatible title, Firmament. Now Cyan says the game is seeing another delay, bringing the game’s prospective launch to Q1 2023.

Update (October 26th, 2022): Once targeting a July 2020 launch, Firmament has slipped again and is now targeting a Q1 2023 launch date. Here’s that statement is full; we’ve also included a 9-minute look at the work-in-progress game, embedded below this update:

As a result of discussions with key team member and staff, Cyan is making the important decision to move the launch of Firmament to Q1 2023. The game is very closed to complete, and the development is rapidly approaching its final phase.

To our Backers, Fans, and Friends, thank you for your continuing patience and support. Your enthusiasm and excitement lifts our spirits daily. We cannot wait to share launch day news with you in (early!) 2023.

Original Article (July 13th, 2020): Firmament’s launch window seemed a bit tight from the onset, however from an experienced studio that had previously created its latest VR-compatible puzzle adventure game Obduction to both PC VR and PSVR, it seemed not all together impossible.

The reality of creating a game however is admittedly “often quite a bit messier,” the studio says in a recent Kickstarter update.

Here’s a bit of Cyan’s reasoning behind the delay, which is said to push the game’s release date possibly to 2022.

With that in mind, Firmament’s Estimated Delivery date of July 2020 was- as it turns out- a wildly optimistic one. We know some of you had your heart’s set on playing Firmament this summer, and we’re genuinely sorry that you’re not going to be able to play it yet! We’re really bummed about that too!

Although there is no Release Date to announce today, we can tell you a couple things with some level of certainty: Firmament is not coming in 2020. And unless the stars align (which we all know happens rarely in game development), it is unlikely that Firmament will be coming in 2021.

In the studio’s own defense, Cyan says it has “always been about shipping things when they’re ready to be shipped, not picking a date and then trying to shoehorn the game into the box in an artificially limited amount of time.”

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Firmament is said to be “something bigger than a studio [of Cyan’s] size would ordinarily be able to produce,” and that it will include a “richer and more substantial story” than was previously planned.

Whatever you thought of Obduction (and its initially uneasy technical performance on both PC VR headsets and PSVR) Cyan has a good track record of delivering, leaving the only real concern to when Firmament will arrive, and not if.

Food for thought: a prospective 2022 release of Firmament is slated to happen well within the lifecycle of next-gen consoles and PC hardware—and possibly VR hardware as well—so there’s no telling what technical advances the studio will need to adopt along the way if it’s looking to significantly lengthen the development roadmap. I guess we’ll see in a few years. As it is, Firmament is targeting PC, SteamVR headsets, macOS, and PS4 & PSVR.

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  • jasonmartino

    Sad. I gave them my Kickstarter money and it’s been nothing but excuses.

    • Rileogriffin

      So you would rather they use your money to make a game you could complain about than wait a bit longer and get a game that you can be proud to say you helped bring to reality? Nevermind the fact that a small indie studio had to navigate the logistics of development while a global-pandemic-sized wrench got thrown into their plans. Have you ever tried to accomplish a creative design process via Zoom or Skype? Trust me, it’s a nightmare. The fact that they are still moving forward at all is impressive.

      • jasonmartino

        They were already way behind before the pandemic started. But the pandemic is a huge pain.

    • mirak

      So what ?
      Thanks to you, me and others, we will have another Cyan game.
      I don’t see the issue.

  • DanDei

    I wonder how they finance 18+ month of additional developement time for a project that started with a barely succesfull kickstarter of just 1,4 million in funding. Sure, you can look for other investors but those aren’t so easy to come by when you are already past your initial target release window and want to ad a couple of “when it’s done” years to your project.

    • mirak

      What you say makes no sense, as they say they want the game to be bigger than what they planned initially.

    • User_Name_24601

      They have a few additional sources of funding via other products they’ve released/have in the pipeline. I wouldn’t be shocked if VR Riven launches before Firmament as it’s further along. They could then us some of the profits from that to finish this game.

  • Reece Ingram

    I think I speak for all fans of Cyan when I say that we trust them. And they haven’t let us down before.
    They’ve been trying to bring their vision to our screens for a long time, and I think technology has finally caught up with them.

    If they need to take a few more years to make something that’s just going to make us more proud of them, then I say go for it.

    • DeenVR

      It’s cancelled dude

      • Reece Ingram

        Says someone who clearly doesn’t know the first thing about Cyan.

  • Bah! Who cares …? Most overrated studio in the business.
    No wonder publishers want nothing to do with them.

  • The real problem is how they’ll find money for other 2 years of development and how they will adapt to new VR technologies that are coming

  • Rosko

    Good games take time, I will wait. The only thing they did wrong was the initial date was way off.

  • Eric-Alexandre Roussel

    I’m fine with this. As myamotto said: “A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is forever bad”

    • ViRGiN

      There is no evidence he ever said this, and if anything, that was in the 90s lol.
      A delayed game only exposes huge troubles with development. This is already nearly 3 years delayed lol. Did cyberpunk got better cause of number of delays? LOL

  • ViRGiN

    I love all this toxic positivity archivized in the comments down below.

    • User_Name_24601

      As a Kickstarter backer, I’m still fine with another delay. Get it right the first time. Development takes time when a medium is still developing.

      • ViRGiN

        Cool story bro. You have no self respect.

      • ViRGiN

        You have no self respect yet I am built like an 8 yo and I respect myself.

        • You’re gonna get banned.
          The REAL Virgin knows about the prohibition of insults here.

  • Looking forward to checking this out in VR.

  • ViRGiN

    At LeAsT iTs NoT dUmBeD dOwN tO rUn On QuEsT

    • ViRGiN

      I am dumbed down so much that I can run on any Quest 1, 240fps smooth.

  • Jeremiah Tothenations

    I am anticipating this game and they should take their time with it, but I hope its better Obduction, I ended up hating that game and that’s as someone that loves Myst and Riven and those types of games.

    It was just so obtuse (hmmm, that’s similar to Obduction…) Looking promising though, all the same. Loved the Myst remake (I had played the original), hopefully Cyan remaking that classic reminded them of what makes a great puzzle adventure game, because Obduction wasn’t it.

    • mirak

      Obduction was way more feasible than Riven or even Myst.
      I did that one without “cheating”, I can’t say the same for Riven where I couldn’t find that frog symbol, or Myst in the labyrinth, impossible in VR, and I don’t know what to do after cheating for the labyrinth solution.

      • Jeremiah Tothenations

        I found Myst way more doable than Obduction, the latter being obtuse, with constant loading back and forth (which was a real prob back when I had a HDD) and convoluted puzzles resetting themselves after a time, awful. I literally uninstalled it twice out of frustration and even rage because of how awful it was, not to mention how bland the story was compared to the greatness of the Myst series and the videos looked terrible (more of a budget issue, sure). I recently played the Myst remake actually, what an absolute joy!

        I didn’t play any of these in VR mind.

        Really happy to hear Cyan are remaking Riven though as they clearly have more success in that area.

        • mirak

          Nah they only did good games.
          Obduction is great, only Cyan can do great games like that.
          The Gallery is a joke compared to any of Cyan games.

          • Jeremiah Tothenations

            No idea what The Gallery is tbh, unless… weirdly I was dreaming about Uru music last night, specifically the gallery theme, strange?

            But anyway, I really really wanted to like Obduction, but it didn’t happen unfortunately.