‘Nerf Ultimate Championship’ is a New Arena Shooter Coming to Quest in 2022

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Hasbro and VR studio Secret Location announced over the weekend that a Nerf-brand multiplayer shooter is coming to Oculus Quest sometime next year.

Called Nerf Ultimate Championship, the arena shooter is said to offer what Secret Location calls “a wide range of new and classic blasters as you leap around fantastic arenas in intense head-to-head team matches.”

“Soak in the sound of roaring fans and master your skills as you begin your journey to become the Ultimate NERF Champion,” the studio says on the game’s official website.

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The game, which was revealed in UploadVR’s E3 showcase, is still somewhat of a mystery beyond that description; the trailer below doesn’t show any gameplay. Considering the Facebook/Oculus branding, we’re supposing the Quest platform holder will act as the game’s publisher, possibly making it a Quest exclusive.

Secret Location is known for a number of high-quality VR games and experiences including bullet-hell shooter Blasters of the Universe (2017), a VR retelling of Philip K. Dick’s The Great C (2018) and time-bending puzzle game Transpose (2018).

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  • If the Maverick doesn’t make it in tho, it wont be worth buying

  • The sheer amount of *NOTHING* this tells me about the game is stunning. It’s really just the name and that’s the end of the story. The 30 second shoe ad says they have NOTHING of interest to share.

    But let’s be REAL here, how much can you really expect out of something to mind-numbingly generic? It’s going to be a simple shooter using the NERF lineup of guns. At most, they’ll model the foam darts and let them stick to things for a moment. That 30 second shoe commercial they call a teaser tells us it’ll have a Tron-esque aesthetic, and it’s a Quest game, so the geometry will be simple.

    It’s going to be a boring shooter with alot of neon. I’m willing to bet it’ll have cartoon bubbles that pop up when you make a hit, just to make it slightly less boring. The reviews will be along the lines of, “only if you’re a die-hard NERF fan, otherwise pass”.

    • Elite-Force_Cinema

      And you’re trying to say you want the game to flop SOOO badly and hard and review bombed to overwhelmingly negative until the point you want to force Secret Location to go out of business for good just so that you can force them to get all of their employees to go bankrupt and homeless simply because you think Secret Location makes the worst VR games in the entire world along with having the worst game developers in the entire world? Cause it sounds like you are, you Secret Location hating clown!!!

  • I’m intrigued

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