Drive Club VR from Reflections is due to land on PlayStation 4 within the launch window beginning October 13, and this new hands-on gameplay footage demonstrate why it’s becoming one of the most hotly anticipated titles for any VR platform.

The PlayStation 4 powered VR headset PlayStation VR is due to land on October 13 and last week’s Gamescom show in Cologne was one of the last major shows of its kind ahead of PSVR’s release (excluding rumoured press events involving Neo of course). Naturally then, Sony took the opportunity to bring out their big guns to show off just what their console VR platform could do.

See Also: ‘Driveclub VR’ Confirmed Exclusively for PlayStation VR in 2016
See Also: ‘Driveclub VR’ Confirmed Exclusively for PlayStation VR in 2016

One of the biggest is Drive Club VR, now officially announced as a PSVR exclusive and Sony wheeled the latest version out along with a force feedback steering wheel to show everyone what it’s like. Feedback thus far as been overwhelmingly positive, with Eurogamer and Digital Foundry’s John Linneman describing his time with the VR racer as “the most immersive racing game we’ve played in VR to date,” ahead of the likes of Project Cars and Assetto Corsa, the latter running on much more powerful hardware and on VR headsets with more impressive technical specifications (namely the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive).


So, what does it look like in motion? And just what visual sacrifices have Evolution Studios, developers of Drive Club VR, had to make to what was a visual powerhouse upon its release on the PS4? A reminder that the original title ran natively at 30FPS, half that required to reach the minimum 60FPS baseline for PSVR re-projection to 120FPS. Take a look at the gameplay video above, which is the most we’ve seen of the game as yet, and judge for yourself. But also take note of Linneman’s preview, which states the studio have pulled out all the stops to keep visual fidelity and up the frame rate, with some surprisingly subtle but notable exceptions.

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No committed date for Drive Club VR‘s release has been given, although it will apparently land this year.

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  • James Friedman

    So if this is running on the PS4 then how are they going to sell the Playstation Neo as a necessary purchase? I get it that games are going to come out that just need the extra horsepower, but I can’t see them selling many of the Neo especially if it’ a one trick pony and solely to run VR.

  • usherjerksoffsonyfanboys

    we can’t judge for ourselves watching a 2d video. In till consumers get there hands on the actually products, its just smoke and mirrors like NMS was.

    • Martin Brentnall

      This is nothing like NMS. NMS had a ton of unknown factors, whereas many people already know what VR is like, and what DriveClub is like.

    • palasta .

      Your post was invalid three months ago.

      Various and numerous people already had their hands on the actual products.

    • OgreTactics

      YOU can’t judge by yourself, the millions of people who actually tried DID and all agree on it’s revolutionary implications.

  • Chris

    Watched the video in the link – Wow. That just shouldn’t be possible on the standard PS4, this is pretty big. Makes you understand how much more developers can achieve when given access to the GPU bare metal and some what seems to be extremely smart dedicated hardware from sony (the re-projection built into the VR, + lower resolution but higher quality display tech).

    This is just great for VR in general, as PSVR sales will drive the sector forwards by offering developers a significant platform to generate sales from.

    • OgreTactics

      “That shouldn’t be possible on the PS4” and someone else who don’t know SHIT about computing, VR and consoles…

      • Chris

        Another abusive teenager right? I guess I was comparing the relative quality of games coming out on PC with its hardware requirements, compared to the PS4, which is comparable to much more ‘powerful’ systems.

        As I said, its because of the bare metal access to the console hardware, and the extra tech that comes with the PSVR (120hrz blending)

        What is your problem about this, or are you just wanting to continue the abuse rather than make a point?

        • OgreTactics

          I’m truly sorry, I simply didn’t read the rest of your post because the quoted sentenced drived me mad, as it’s usually associate with non-sense about PC, Consoles, and hardware systems.

          • Chris

            Fair enough – Its decent of you to say so.

  • Eric Crenshaw

    Is this being shown on the current ps4? Or are they showing this running on newer hardware?