Beat Saber fans were greeted with an update on all platforms today which has introduced a new free track debuted exclusively within the game.

‘One Hope’, which was added to the game in an update today, debuted exclusively in the game and won’t be available on other platforms like Spotify until a later date. Indie electronic band KNOWER, the artist behind the song, might not be a household name, but their choice to debut their song exclusively in Beat Saber shows the game’s growing appeal.

The band is a favorite of Beat Games CEO Jaroslav Beck and COO Ján Ilavský, according to their posts on Twitter, and apparently the two had been discussing the prospect of bringing KNOWER’s music to the game for some time.

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In addition to this free track, the studio has plans for more free tracks and several paid song packs. The studio recently spoke about their plans for releasing more music and the broader Beat Saber roadmap.

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  • Patrick McKee

    Why did I wait so long before modding Beatsaber. This game is epic fun and provides a nice cardio workout that no gym could ever come close to. I hope this game continues to blow up. About to check out this new song. Can’t wait for multiplayer. About to test and record some stuff with ViewR also. This game in itself is a killer app.

  • Rosko

    finally a song i like in beatsaber.

    • AdeptusDracones

      Interesting, I wasn’t really a fan of this one.

  • Allen Skurow

    This is hands down the worst song ever on BS. WTF?!

    • Patrick McKee

      I agree but I didn’t even have the patience to listen to more than 5 secs of it lol.

      • gothicvillas

        I was the same!! Play some more. This track is growing on me. It is superb on expert. I agree track is very different from others but not the worst lol.

      • AdeptusDracones

        I think I did about 20 seconds before I called it quits as well.

        • gothicvillas

          What’s wrong with you people. Anything different out of your comfort zone and you cave in. Give it a spin I’m saying.

          • AdeptusDracones

            Listened to it again just now; still a hard nope. Please bring in something other than electronica, thanks.

    • Heather Freitag

      I thought it was fine. The bpm and note placement was maddening to get used to though

  • jj

    lol debut on a game… good luck with that in the real world

    • Downvote King

      Seems like it would at least give increased exposure for an indie artist. Certainly better than not having a song on Beat Saber. The toughest part of making music is getting in front of an audience.

  • Is it not possible to use your own tracks?! That’s disappointing

    • Cypher

      It is possible to use your own tracks. Look for “Beat Saver”.