New ‘Lone Echo’ Launch Trailer

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Lone Echo, the upcoming zero-G, sci-fi adventure from Ready at Dawn, has a brand new trailer proceeding its July 20th launch date.

In the game’s initial announcement trailer, we got a look at its unique locomotion scheme as well as some of the drama that plays out around a certain anomaly that wreaks havoc nearby your home space station. You, as a service robot, have to repair important systems and navigate puzzles alongside a human companion.

From the new trailer, we get a better look of life aboard the mining rig, set just off the rings of Saturn in the year 2126. As an android named Echo-1 (‘Jack’), you act as a sort of ‘comfort-bot’ to Captain Olivia Rhodes, the ship’s sole human.

image courtesy Ready at Dawn

According to Ready at Dawn, you “solve an increasingly threatening mystery as you use futuristic tools, clever problem solving, and interactive dialogue to engage with the world around you.”

The VR sports game Echo Arena, built as a multiplayer counterpart launching alongside Lone Echo, demonstrates just how comfortable the unique zero-G locomotion system is, which uses a combination of boosters and self-propelled momentum as you push off of objects and structures. Echo Arena will be free, and will also launch on July 20th.

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  • Jeggo

    Finally a real game! Counting the minutes.

  • Kris Bunch

    This looks good! I enjoyed Echo Arena and the locamotion scheme. Feels natural. From the trailer, this looks to be a close to AAA title with a fully fleshed out story. I will be getting this on launch day.

  • Lucidfeuer

    So Ico in space. One of the rare few VR games I’m excited for.

  • Peter Hansen

    If you need to show the audience in a trailer how they are supposed to react, you already know the game is just not that good.

    • cartweet

      I don’t think that applies to VR since it’s impossible to convey what a vr game is like with a 2d video.

      • Peter Hansen

        I think that applies everywhere – this console like show-off: user takes HMD off and is “totally mindblown” (=makes funny faces). This is so ridiculous. And a little embarrassing to watch.

        • Pstarfish

          I don’t think an advertisement can show whether a game is good or not, especially in the infancy of VR. Maybe instead of putting this trailer/game down, you could bring some constructive criticism? How would a VR ad sell you on a game/experience?

          • Peter Hansen

            Your first sentence: absolutely my point! So stop showing this embarrassing ‘wow faces’. That’s just blowing your own horn, in a very stupid way. It is not like this face is a representative result of assessing real test-customers or anything. It was in the script for the clip, and everyone know that.

            I know a lot of non-VR gamers who are actually pretty annoyed already about VR as such and the way VR enthusiasts get on everyone’s nerves.

            So this kind of advertising isn’t helping anyone. For me as a VR fan this is just embarrassing, because it is not realistic. I am never making such faces, believe me. ;) I am simply enjoying good content (and this game looks highly promising!). And for non-VR gamers this is a snobbish show-off.

            Constructive criticism? Don’t do it. Show the game, talk about the content, maybe even create an mixed-reality video. And people will be able to recognize, whether a game hits their spot. Like in the good old times before VR. Worked then, works now.