Are you ready for some VR football highlights? NextVR, a familiar name in VR sports broadcasting—with earlier VR livestreaming initiatives with the NBA, NHL, and more—and the NFL return for a second season of post-game immersive highlight content in VR.

Highlights will be available on-demand following five games in the 2017 regular season, and will showcase the best moments from each, captured and viewed in VR. Hosting the post-game VR experiences are Reggie Bush, Super Bowl XLIV Champion, and Elika Sadeghi, sport commentator. Reggie Bush expressed enthusiasm for the project. “I truly feel that VR is the future. It’s innovative, and I couldn’t wait to be part of it. I’m excited for the fans to watch football in NextVR because they’re going to get a real in-game experience of what we go through as athletes on the field.”

See below for the schedule of games that will have highlights available from the NFL VR Experience:

Image courtesy NextVR

NextVR will work alongside the NFL Films team to position multiple VR cameras throughout the stadium and along the field to capture footage.

“We are thrilled to be back for a second NFL season with more games in addition to the VR studio shows with Reggie Bush,” said NextVR CEO David Cole. “NFL fans expect the best and want to be as close to the action as possible. At NextVR we continue to evolve and improve the fan experience through our technology in collaboration with NFL Films to deliver a premium virtual reality production.”

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A NFL VR Experience Preview Show debuted on October 5th with Reggie Bush and Elika Sadeghi in the NextVR studio discussing the upcoming five game matchups, and expectations for the VR content to follow. Following the final scheduled regular season game available on NextVR, Reggie and Elika will recap the best plays from this season of VR matchups from the NextVR studio. This content is available for free on the NFL channel in the NextVR app available on Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

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  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    I won’t watch NFL disrespect our flag anymore. NFL is promoting Hillary-Weinstein 2020.

    • Alexisms

      LOL. I’ve a feeling you let people bend on their knees for you.

  • Ian Shook

    If this was 6-DOF and supported any 6-DOF headsets – then sign me up! I don’t even like watching sports but the 6DOF might do it for me. When will NEXTVR actually do this?

    • johngrimoldy

      Agreed, but it’s a pretty big jump to go from stereoscopic 360 degree video to 6 degrees of freedom. That would be utterly amazing though. Keep in mind that you don’t really have 6-DOF when you’re watching the game live in the stands since you’re, more or less, stuck to your seat.
      It’s a bit disappointing (but not a surprise) that this is only for GearVR and Google Daydream. Give it time though.

  • James Barrett

    I really wish I could watch this on Rift. I have a GearVR but the Rift is so much more convenient to use.

  • Football-youbet

    I dislike the NFL – I despise all of their super high paid adolescent players who don’t have the brains to be anything more than blockheads but still try to promote a moronic political agenda. The NFL and Hollywood can both go to hell.

  • Matt Meyer

    Really needs to be on the Rift!