There seems to be no end to the redemption arc of No Man’s Sky (2016), as today marks the release of the sci-fi exploration game’s 17th major update. Now live on PSVR and SteamVR headsets, No Man’s Sky brings base building to new heights in its ‘Frontiers’ update by letting you find, manage, and build your own alien town.

The largest bit of the update is the addition of new planetary settlements, which can now be found in inhabited systems dotted across the known universe.

Once you’ve touched down on the right procedurally generated settlement, you’ll be able to do things like name the town, choose what to build by gathering resources, commission festivals, resolve arguments, and help repel Sentinel attacks to protect the frontier settlements.

Check out the trailer below to see Frontiers in action:

Additionally, Frontiers brings a new base-building menu to the game to make part-picking easier, 10 more save slots, multi-colored nebulas, and enhanced destruction effects. You can check out the full patch notes here.

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Design-wise, No Man’s Sky still isn’t on par with a native VR game due to things like an overreliance on 2D menus, but its massive size and continuously growing feature set seems to keep reeling us back in well after the game’s VR implementation was initially released in August 2019.

No Man’s Sky offers PSVR support on PS4 & PS5, and SteamVR headsets through the PC version of the game. It’s currently 50% off on both the EU PlayStation Store and Steam, bringing it to just $30. Virtual reality support comes part and parcel with the deal, so you can play in flatscreen mode or in VR.

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  • Jeff Axline

    Hi Road to VR! Thanks for this wonderful site.

    Can you please touch on whether there are any performance updates for VR users when these updates come out? Non RTX users are in a world of hurt when playing PCVR No Man’s Sky. This is a (the?) major issue that PCVR users want to know about. It’s awesome that Hello Games keep updating this game but have they fixed it for PCVR users yet? This is a VR site and that would be a nice thing to cover. Hate to be snarky but it’s kind of silly not to cover this aspect when updates come out.

    • Erin Taylor

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    • Ninjai71

      Even with RTX card is this game awefull in VR!

      • 3872Orcs

        Well it did get better with the DLSS update for us with RTX cards, game is still demanding but at least now I can tweak it until I reach a stable 90fps which was not possible before that update.

        What is keeping me out so far is the nightsky stars that looks like they’re floating around me instead of being up in the sky. It’s maybe a little thing but man is it distracting to me!

  • Did they ever fix the multiplayer stuff? I tried to play with a friend of mine, we built out bases a little too close, and both of the bases went nuts! Even with other bases built further apart we still had bases reset their landscape, lose items, and generally implode after awhile.

    This was around the start of 2020, so I know there’s been many patches since then.

  • Ninjai71

    And what’s about the render performance in VR on PC? This game is unplayable in VR on PC! In flat mode all settings on epic possible on the same machine. THAT should be fixed first by them!

    • Pablo C

      Worst part it: it used to be fine, not great, but playable. It got worse with each update.