Nokia has sent out invites for a forthcoming event in Los Angeles on November 30th asking guests to “join us for the exclusive unveiling” of Ozo, the company’s professional VR camera.

nokia-ozo-iconNokia’s reveal of the Ozo camera back in July was a significant first step for the company into the virtual reality market. Having sold it’s mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2013, Nokia Technologies, a subsidiary in Nokia formed in 2014, continues on as the company’s licensing and R&D arm, and their sites appear set on VR.

Road to VR has learned that the November 30th event will see the announcement of Ozo launch details including specs, price, and release date.

Nokia made early Ozo cameras available to select content creators who have been filming with the camera; new content from those early shoots will be featured at the event. The engineering and design teams behind the camera will be present alongside members of the professional content creation industry.

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nokia ozo close sideDuring our time with the camera at the Ozo reveal event, we were impressed with the group-up design of the camera for virtual reality and its real-time 3D Preview capability. The real time preview allows filmmakers to see through the camera’s lenses, with a VR headset in 3D with headtracking, instantly, without sending the data to a render farm to be stitched together after capture. Filmmakers can also monitor each individual camera stream or pan around the spherical composition on a monitor. This means faster framing and getting and idea of what the output will look like in VR while still on set.

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That’s quite the shift from many 360 camera rigs which often consist of many individual cameras all capturing an individual part of the video onto their own memory, needing to be compiled and stitched together in post-processing.

nokia-ozo-camera-lens-and-microphoneAs far as capture quality goes, the test footage I saw from Ozo is up there with the best 3D VR video capture I’ve seen. Each camera on the array shoots at 2K x 2K resolution, with eight cameras total, capturing an entire sphere of the scene. The synchronized cameras use a global shutter which eliminates the potential for a rolling shutter effect which can impact capture performance for fast moving objects. Each camera lens covers a 195 degree field of view, offering quite a bit of overlap from one view to the next. Eight microphones capture spatial audio.

We’ll have our eye on Nokia’s forthcoming Ozo event for the latest on this exciting VR camera.

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  • 3rdiworks

    Thanks for the info! I’m hoping they keep the price point under 10k. Fingers crossed.

    • Ben Lang

      That would be great, unfortunately I think they are shooting higher than that. High end productions are used to paying a lot for professional cameras. Seems like the bottom end of the professional VR camera rigs starts with GoPro Odyssey at $15,000:

      • 3rdiworks

        It would be FANTASTIC but high hopes for sure. Though being that its Nokia, I’d be surprised if they ask for $15,000 or up like go Pro. I could see 10 for sure but 15 seems high when new cameras will be coming out left and right such as the Lytro Immege, which Im sure will be in the 15k range. Yet with so many new competition being added, I would think competitive pricing would be wiser. But hey will find out Nov 30! Thanks for the replay!

        • freekarelia

          The price will be at least 50 000 us dollar. OZO is the real deal not some amateur stiching with 16 gopro smallsensor consumercams.

          • 3rdiworks

            HA! Yeah I wasn’t to impressed by the Gopro slapping 16 cams together myself.

      • 3rdiworks

        Had to come back and give you your credit my friend. 60k! Och! Now to debate is the 30fps is worth 60k. I’m leaning to the yes but it be nice to see some live footage captured before running To the bank.